How to exercise when you’re on a budget

Do you know how to exercise when you are on a budget?  Take a look at these top tips…

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How to exercise when you’re on a budget

Contrary to popular belief, exercising does not have to be expensive. Many think that getting a good workout means spending a substantial amount of money on a monthly gym membership or spending a fortune on a variety of gym equipment, however this is not the case. In this article, we uncover some innovative ways to exercise when you’re on a budget.



Exercise at home

One of the easiest ways to exercise when you’re on a budget is to lose the gym membership! The gym isn’t the only place where you can do a decent workout. Sure, there is more equipment available when at a gym but if you’re looking to save pennies where you can, you should begin exercising at home.

You can easily make use of household objects as substitutes for weights, you just need to be innovative and use your imagination. Instead of using the heavy dumbbells in the gym, how about using full cans of food or a big bag of rice? These are everyday household items that make for perfect gym equipment.

Alternatively, use your dining room table or chair for a basis for doing standing push ups. This is a great way to give the body a workout at home, without the need for fancy gym equipment.


Utilise the resources online

With social media having an incredible impact on our everyday lives, there is no time like the present to get online and look at some of the workout resources. There are, quite literally, thousands and thousands of workout videos available online for free, either on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

By using these free resources to your advantage, you can easily do a high impact workout from your home with no need for a gym membership. Think of it as having your own personal trainer on your phone. You could research varying kinds of workouts to keep your routine mixed up and fresh.


Buy multi-use equipment

In order to keep costs down, you could look to invest in some equipment that has multiple uses in order to get more value for money. Here are a few examples of multi-use equipment that you could look to buy:


  • Exercise ball – This a popular one that has many different uses. An exercise ball can be used to work the abs, to support the body during weight training activities, and for cardio exercise. Exercise balls tend to have a long life span too so this will be an investment that you would feel the benefit from for years to come
  • Treadmill – While this purchase may seem like a luxurious buy, having something you can use at home can save hundreds of pounds on gym membership fees while letting you exercise any time you like. Even better if the whole family uses the treadmill, you’ll get even more for your money
  • Muscle recovery products – If you’re exercising on the regular and trying new things, your muscles will need some appropriate treatment to prevent injury. Using tools, like a foam roller or massage gun, is a great way to keep your body in a good condition for working out and also can be used to warm your muscles up prior to exercising. Another great, cost-effective purchase.



Partner up with a friend

When you are exercising on a budget and wanting to save money on a gym membership, a great way to keep yourself motivated is to partner up with a friend. By doing this, you will keep yourself motivated and can have someone to relate to when you are feeling the strain of working out.

By having a workout partner, it is a great way to stay focused on your workout goals. You could do a workout over a Skype/Facetime video call when working out at home or you could go for runs/bike rides together!

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to get fit. There are many ways to exercise on a budget and we hope you find this article helpful on exercising when you’re watching your finances.


How to exercise when you are on a budget – now you know! 


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