How to find and maintain quality rugs


Buying new rugs for your home starts with finding a design that suits your personal style and home decor. But there is nothing worse than getting your rug home only to have it start fraying and losing colour and texture soon after.

To avoid having to repurchase or exchanging a poorly made rug, London based rug specialist Bazaar Velvet have offered some expert advice on how to find and maintain quality rugs.

Choose hand woven rugs over machine made

There are three popular ways of making rugs: machine made, hand tufted and hand woven.

Machine made rugs are part of the mass construction industry that have become more and more popular in recent years. These rugs aren’t built to last and aren’t likely to be artistically stunning. You can tell a machine rug from the fringe being shown into the edges.

Hand tufted rugs are, perhaps surprisingly, not made by hand. Using a puncture device the rugs are attached to a backing sheet. This is the giveaway, and though these rugs may be more long-lasting, they can use petroleum based attaching agents that aren’t good for the environment.

Hand woven rugs have the best craftsmanship involved. Created by several people using a harp-like loom, they are quality bound pieces of art.

Look for the key signs of quality materials

Whichever style of rug you select, there are universal ways to check if quality materials have been used.

Firstly, the look of the rug is a sign of its quality. A thicker or taller ‘pile’ (the length of knots in the rug) are a sign of a less skilled weaver.

You can also look at the shine of the rug. A slight sheen and a lustrous look are good signs of a quality rug. However, beware shiny rugs as this could mean the wool used has been treated with agents that will make the rug brittle.

The rug’s tag should also tell you about the materials used. Hand spun wool is the best quality material to look for, preferably unblended. Treated materials are weakened and won’t last as long.

Chemically dyed rugs are cheaper

Chemically dyed rugs are more popular that vegetal dyed rugs. This is because vegetal dyes, while more vibrant and natural, are harder to work with. As a result vegetal dyed rugs are more expensive than chemically coloured ones.

Routine maintenance will help you rug last years

Once you’ve selected your quality rug, adopt a routine of cleaning to maintain your rug.

Vacuuming weekly to remove any dust or small amounts of dirt that can get caught in between the weaves before they attract mites, will help with overall rug health. If you purchase a higher end rug then a professional cleaner can make sure the colours shine brightly while keeping the rug in tip top condition.

how to take care of quality rugs

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