How to find the perfect hotel for your budget

Are you feeling holiday minded ? It seems to me that over the last week or two almost everyone I have spoken to has been thinking about holidays. I wonder if it is because the sun has just started to peep through?

Finding a holiday can be a bit of nightmare though can’t it?


perfect hotel


I often end up spending hours searching the web feeling frustrated and fed up.

If only there was a way to get that perfect holiday on a budget  without taking hour upon hour to do so!

Well actually there is. There is a brilliant resource called HotelsCombined which enables you to search in just one place to find all the best options. It is a comparison site for hotels. It has some absolutely brilliant features too that make finding your perfect hotel for your budget a doddle.

On HotelsCombined you can…

  • Quickly and easily find hotels deals from all the top travel sites.
  •  Find cheap hotels near your current location in a click.
  • You can even set price alerts and get notified if the price of your hotel price drops more than 10%.
  • You can view hotel deals in the currency of your choice.
  • You can search hotels from the map= so you get a clear view of their location
  • You can also view images, unbiased descriptions and hotel reviews to make the best choice for you.
  • You can filter your search by the accommodation type you are looking for including guest houses, apartments, hostels, motels, resorts and more!
  • You can also access the hottest daily hotel deals, exclusive rates, access to their searches across multiple devices and the ability to share lists with friends.

Plus there is no mark up or booking fee, and the site has no annoying ads. How absolutely great is that.

A really simple way to find the perfect hotel for your budget.


written in partnership with HotelsCombined






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