How to get a great night’s sleep

How to get a great night's sleep

How to get a great night’s sleep


How do you sleep?

Oh, how so many of us long to know how to get a great night’s sleep. For a lot of people getting to sleep and staying asleep is no issue. They doze off pretty soon after hitting the hay and that is it for them – no worries and barely a thought given to how to get to sleep at all.

I have pretty much always been a decent sleeper. But, the last few months there have been a number of nights where sleep has eluded me and come 3 am I am tossing and turning and wondering quite what on earth to do with myself. Having chatted this over with a number of friends I realised that actually this was not particularly uncommon and that actually rather a number of people struggle to get a good nights sleep.


How to get a great night's sleep


10 things that will help you learn how to get a good night’s sleep

Mattresses from Bed Guru are designed with a good night’s sleep in mind, the brand even have their own sleep specialist and blog that is full of great tips about sleeping well. Being well informed and having a great mattress are two tips I would strongly advocate if you are trying to get your sleep sorted. You definitely want to get a mattress that is right for you-you can even order a bespoke bed and mattress from Bed Guru!

Clean, well-ironed sheets also make that sleeping experience just lovely.  Personally, I like cotton sheets and flannelette in winter. If you are staying somewhere and you worry they won’t have the right sheets for you then do take your own!

PIllows – I have to have 3 and they have to be firm or I do not feel comfy. Again make sure whatever bedding you have is right for you. My OH likes soft and feather pillows and honestly, I couldn’t think of anything worse. I would never get to sleep on them!

Getting your troubles out before bedtime is also really important. If they stay in your had they will whirl around and could stop you sleeping. Whether you write them out or talk them out or just think them through then let them go in some way or other it is absolutely best to air them.  There is little worse than lying in bed with a head full of worries.

Lavender is a gorgeous and relaxing smell so either a reed diffuser or a little pillow spray that is lavender scented may work really well to help you drift off,

I find a relaxing bath helps me to sell especially one that is nice and warm.

A lot of people suggest a book before bed. This does work for me but only soemtimes. if the book is too engaging then I sometimes struggle to put it down as I want to read on. maybe you need to read something a bit dull at bedtime or maybe a short story will work best!

Sometimes silence is not golden and a little background noise is best to help you sleep how about ocean sounds or rain..personally I like a little classical music to drift off too but we are all different.

The perfect temperature is also really important to me when it comes to getting to sleep. If it is too cold I feel all irritated and if it is too hot I feel uncomfortable. Taking a little time to make the room temperature just right for you is so important.

Last but not least I think being properly tired helps a lot so making sure you get some exercise and fresh air into your day  will help you in your quest of how to get a great night’s sleep.



How to get a great night's sleep


Do you have any tips to add about how to get a good night’s sleep? If so please drop me a comment below.


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