How to get a new car on a budget

I am yet to have a new car but oh I am very tempted. My little red punto is nearly 12 years old now and showing (many) signs of wear and tear. I would love a convertible  with a soft top in baby blue (just like this one in case anyone is wondering what on earth to get me for Christmas.)


There are many benefits to getting a new car . First of all you have no unknown history to worry about and you can be sure your car has a clean bill of a health. It will also come with a full warranty and often little extra perks to entice you to buy it too.  A new car is also much more likely to be fuel efficient which will save you money  and on top of that you are likely to be able to choose the exact colour and specifications you want.

So lots of perks in buying new aren’t there.

But how do you afford a new car?

Most people will trade in their old one for as much as they can but most will need to access car finance and it is really important to make sure this is the right finance deal for you. car repayments can trip people up if they don’t really assess how realistic they are. The excitement of a new car must not fuddle or muddle your judgement.  You need to get a myriad of quotes, calculate repayments carefully and err on the side of  caution. getting expert advice arounf this is really useful.

Good luck and I’ll let you know if Santa delivers my baby blue car.



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