How to the Best Cheap Fitted Wardrobes on a Budget

Today we are going to take a look at how to get fitted wardrobes on a budget.


How to get Fitted Wardrobes on Budget, cheap fitted wardrobes


Cheap Fitted Wardrobes on Budget

Are you wondering how to get cheap Fitted Wardrobes on Budget?

Modern demands on society on storage and space pressures having a fitted built-in wardrobe is becoming an ever more increasingly popular choice among homeowners.


How to get Fitted Wardrobes on Budget


However, with the recession and financial pressures post Brexit coming on us that are seeming to be endless, budgeting on redecorating and refurbishing our beloved homes is seeming to be in the essence.

Cheap fitted wardrobes on a budget will become a must-have!


What are fitted wardrobes on a budget?

Firstly, let’s get this clear – some of us may consider a fitted wardrobe as just another wardrobe – it is not. Traditional wardrobes are essentially made with the one idea – storing clothes.

Fitted wardrobes, however, take into consideration much more than just that – not only do they utilise all available space extremely well, they provide storage solutions for a much more diverse range of property and items (jewellery, ties, belts, shoes, paperwork, make up etc.)


what are fitted wardrobes, how expensive are fitted wardrobes, Fitted Wardrobes on Budget, image of fitted wardrobe


What are the benefits of cheap fitted wardrobes

Cheap made to measure wardrobes are such a great options because they are such brilliant space savers. free standing wardrobes just cannot compete with. Discounted fitted wardrobes can also be cheaper than standard wardrobes so you can get a double win!

What are the other benefits of fitted wardrobes on a budget?

Not only are they space savers and absolutely better value for money than standard wardrobes – fitted wardrobes look so much more streamlined to. They complete the room rather than giving it  a clunky and sometimes disparate and mis-matched look.


How to get Fitted Wardrobes on Budget


Cheap fitted wardrobes

I am a big fan of fitted wardrobes on a budget I love the seamless quality they bring to a bedroom – a room that absolutely should be a relaxing place to be – uncluttered and serene.

You can read more about how to have a perfect bedroom on a budget in my post here on how to update your bedroom on a budget

If you are looking at putting fitted wardrobes on a budget into a child’s bedroom you may also enjoy my article on 10 top tips for a stylish children’s bedroom on a budget


I absolutely love to write about how you can have great interiors even when cash is limited. Sometimes it just takes creativity, smart shopping and good choices of furniture.


How much are fitted wardrobes in the UK

So how much are fitted wardrobes in the UK? Conflicting to the popular conviction that fitting your bedroom with a modern and made to measure wardrobe would be particularly expensive – it is not (well at least it does not have to be).



There are some steps you can follow to significantly reduce the price you are expected to pay in having a beautifully fitted wardrobe designed and installed in your home.

How much are fitted wardrobes in the UK –  definitely less than you think!

How? Well here are a couple steps you can follow:


Where to buy discounted fitted wardrobes on a budget

The internet is an amazing thing – ask it the right questions and you can find the answer to How much are fitted wardrobes in the UK is a concern for many shoppers and they do not need to just wonder.


budget wardobe shopping


There is a lot you can actively do to seek your answers especially in regard to where to buy discounted fitted wardrobes.


Here is what you need to do to get fitted wardrobes on a budget

Compare the prices offered, compare the market. Get quotes and work with them. There are fitted wardrobe companies out there who can beat quotes for you.

Get a quote or two from a reputable company like i.e. Sharps or Hammonds for the fitted wardrobe you like – and take it to another company like to see if they can beat it.


How to get Fitted Wardrobes on Budget


Affordable built in wardrobes or cheap custom wardrobes

A company like Bravo London is great for this – they are able to offer amazing bespoke fitted wardrobes and storage solutions for a fraction of the price of some of the big boy companies.

As far as your comparisons go, (a word of caution) – avoid the cowboys – do your research, look at their portfolio and past works – you don’t want bodge job specialists to come in and build you a crappy wardrobe.


You have Options – Use materials wisely:

You will also be surprised on how many options there are available with your fitted wardrobe – certain materials used can increase and reduce prices by up to 40%. Amazing savings right there.


Wardrobe inserts for fitted wardrobes on a budget

Think about it! Do you really need the most expensive materials used on the inside of your fitted wardrobes on a budget?

Can you get away with using some cheaper internal materials but still have a 10/10 looking wardrobe? YES! YES, you can!


How to update fitted wardrobes on a budget

Then it all depends on the doors you use! Installing Sliding Wardrobe doors can do a lot – they can completely transform the appearance of a wardrobe and your room!


budget Fitted Wardrobes


I would not compromise on this and would, in fact, say you should make sure you get the best Sliding Doors possible – that’s what you will see, open/close every day and that’s what will make all the difference when it comes to appearance.


Made to measure wardrobes vs fitted wardrobes on a budget 

Being on a tight budget does not mean you should forget about made to measure wardrobes and making your home the way you want it to be!

If your finances are tight – it is worth remembering that a fitted wardrobe should be treated as an investment. And any investment you make on fixing up your home (especially regarding bedrooms storage) will have a positive effect of the value of your home, and your homes saleability.

Fitted wardrobes on a budget are a great idea but do make sure you search out quality wardrobes too.


Budget Fitted bedroom furniture prices & the best fitted wardrobes

If you have your own tips or advice on how you could get more affordable fitted bedroom furniture prices then do please share them in the comments below! Fitted Wardrobes on Budget are possible you just need to really think outside the box and learn to shop smartly.

It is always worth a little extra time and effort to make sure you get the very best bang for your buck (value for your money)

I do hope you have enjoyed this post on How to get Fitted Wardrobes on Budget and cheap fitted wardrobes


Looking for the cheapest way to get fitted wardrobes?

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Final thoughts on best value fitted wardrobes

How to get Fitted Wardrobes on Budget is a Featured post – you might also like my post on ways to save money on a home renovation


And i f you have some FAQ’s such as

How much are fitted wardrobes on average uk? just google because this does of course change all the time



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