How to get good furniture, cheap.

Furniture is more affordable right now than 10 years ago. In today’s climate of austerity and economic uncertainty, furniture companies – like many companies – are having to lower their prices in order to stay afloat. But unfortunately for the buyer, cheap or reduced furniture doesn’t necessarily equate to good furniture. Cut-price furniture producers like to dazzle their potential customers by offering rock bottom prices. The chances are though, you’re not buying anything that will last more than a few years. Here’s how to avoid falling into such a trap


Search for Sales

 Why on earth would you settle for inferior furniture when, if you look around wait for the right time, you can have something of far better quality for the same price? Furniture comes and goes in trends the same as any other consumable item. And as soon as trends go out of fashion, down goes the price as well. Even perfectly good furniture might be reduced by as much as 50%, simply because it is ‘last year’s style’. So before looking anywhere else, search around your local stores and scan online sellers such as Fortune Woods. If you wait long enough and look hard enough, you’re guaranteed to get a deal, and a selection of furniture that will last much longer than its cut-price counterparts.

Haggle Your Heart Out

 In many countries, haggling is a part of every transaction or sale. In some countries, it’s even considered rude not to haggle. And although it is less accepted or prevalent in Western culture, there is nothing to stop you for trying to lower the price on a bed or a table. Many salespeople actually work on commission, so they’ll already have a vested interest in seeing you walk away with a piece of furniture.

Free to A Good Home

 If you’re on an extreme budget, there’s no better price than free. Look in your local newspaper or at only free-cycle sites to see what’s available in your area. Of course, you’ll most likely have to accept a few stains and imperfections, but freebies are nonetheless a good option for some.

Save Money, Keep Quality

 Don’t be suckered in by the countless bargain basement furniture sales. Most of what these places are peddling is poorly produced, short-lasting chip-wood constructions. Quality lasts. And with the methods listed above, it doesn’t have to come at a price.

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