How to get the BEST price for your car

I have to hold my hands up and admit that I very little knowledge of cars. Certainly not in regard car valuation (or their mechanics!)

My parents never had one. I have only owned two. Despite being in my forties I have owned one little Punto and one even smaller Micra. It took me (I kid you not) over 17 years, 5 tests and over a 1000 lessons to pass my driving test. I only hold an automatic license.I have never driven on the motorway or parked in a multi story.

I do love to drive but cars really are not my ‘thing’‘.

When It came to selling my old Punto I just didn’t know how to go about it and I got some much conflicting advice from well-meaning friends. In the end I just accepted £400 for it from the dealer I bought my new car from. I didn’t shop around at all for valuations and I really do not know if I got a good deal or not.

Have you heard of Wizzle? Wizzle is a brilliant online resource where you can:

Compare Valuations, from multiple dealers, for your best deal.

I so should have done that! I may well have got more than a measly £400!

I would not dream of buying insurance without comparing offers, or electricity without comparing different providers so why on earth did I just accept one valuation on my car?

Maybe because I felt out my depth or maybe because I didn’t know how to go about it?

Wizzle is a free service (hurray!) and what they do is:

  get you the best car valuation by putting your car, directly in front of the best dealers in the country. By going directly to dealers, you will get the best car valuation and sell your car for more

How simple and how useful is that!

So thousands of dealers will see your car and are able to email you an offer. You can choose which offer to accept. If you decide to accept an offer the dealer will contact you to arrange collection and payment.

I just love straightforward concepts that can save everyone money and this is brilliant. I have been telling everyone bout it!

I love, LOVE that the car will be collected from you once the deal has been made: dropping it off somewhere and having to sort out transport back can be a huge problem.

All you have to do is fill in a 10 minute appraisal of your car to determine its condition and details. You can also do this by downloading the app.

Check out the video below to see how Wizzle do things differently –  I bet you end up telling your friends too!



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