How to get the best value local suppliers

How to get the best value local suppliers – my top tips

My purpose on Family Budgeting has never been to get you to not spend money. My whole ethos is to help you live well on a budget and get the best deals and best value so your money isn’t wasted.

When it comes to sourcing people to supply you with services this isn’t always to put in to place. It is easy to start with to a good attitude, thinking I’ll get 5 quotes and go with the best value but honestly do you do this?

What tends to happen to me in relation to sourcing local suppliers is:

1) I ask friends (usually at the school gate)

2) I ask Facebook

3) I look in a local paper

4) I google it

As a result of these 4 actions I usually end up with a random pile of phone numbers of people who either don’t answer the phone or who are unavailable or booked up.




So after many fruitless calls I tend to just snap up whoever is available, regardless of price and rarely have more than one to compare with anyway!

Bidvine has changed all that.

On Bidvine you can simply type in your postcode, what kind of local service providers  you are searching for (decorators, photographers, climbing lessons, even toilet repairs!)  and sit back and wait for them to contact you with their availability and a quote. You can expect up to 5 responses within a few days and can then choose the best value option.

Isn’t that great – a really productive use of my time as well as money saving. And best of all Bidvine is free!


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  1. November 14, 2016 / 17:40

    Staying local supports your local businesses and community. What’s more you get a service that is friendly and that you can rely on

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