How To Get The Most Back For Your iPhone 4S

It seems these days; a new phone is released onto the market every other week. With the ever increasing advancements in technology that statement isn’t that far from the truth with phone manufacturers fighting to be the best mobile phone maker.

Leading the way at the moment is Apple, who are about to launch a new iPhone towards the middle/end of September 2012. Will it be the iPhone 5? Or will it be just labelled as the New iPhone (like the last iPad).

What we do know is that the cost of your old iPhones will begin to drop leading to the launch and thereafter. So now is a good time to start thinking about selling your old iPhone while the price is still good.

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Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano

So where do I sell my iPhone?

There are a couple of places available, which are listed below.

  1. 1.

A price comparison website that compares all the leading UK recycling companies such as Mazuma and Envirofone. These guys do all the hard work to offer you the best price possible. There are no fees to be paid, so the price you see is the price you get paid.


  1. 2.

A site that most of us have heard of now, which runs on a bidding system. You could potentially get more back for your phone here, but you also run the risk of not getting as much back on the flip-side. There are also a number of fees that have to be taken into consideration – including listing fees and final valuation fees.


  1. 3.

Here you can list an item with a set price, on a marketplace that serves 162 million customers world-wide. The drawbacks here include costly fees, and you could be waiting for weeks or months for your item to sell.


Overall, each site has its perks and it’s negative points, but if you are looking to sell your iPhone then comes in at the top of the list as the benefits outweigh the rest.



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