How to get to grips with housework

Today – How to get to grips with housework

How to get to grips with housework

Come on my grandad would say as I scrubbed at his back door step. get scrubbing a bit of elbow grease. A bit! It would completely war me out cleaning grandad’sd oorsteps but he insisted they were spotless. He saw door steps and doors as the first welcome someone has to your home and he thought they should look lovely.

I am just not that houseproud! maybe he put me off.

My mum used to talk about elbow grease a lot too and we would do anything to skive off helping to clean.I grew up thinking what a  grind cleaning was day in day out , dirty, boring, and repetetive. If I am totally honest I do still harbour some of these feelings!

Last time my husband went away I treated myself to a spring clean.


How to get to grips with housework

My kitchen is currently much neglected  I have been looking at Kitchen Cleaning  from UK Commercial Cleaning and I am truly tempted. It’s not that I am lazy (i really am not a lazy person) it’s just ….

1) It never looks that good when I do it for some reason

2) I am constantly time short


My best friend Naomi is a life coach and is full of good advice as you would expect. She is undoubtedly the most organised person I know.  Her strategies  for keeping her home clean and in order are always  to

1) wash up straight away

2) Have a very definite routine and stick to it  e.g hoover mondays, clean bathroom tuesdays, etc.

She also allows herself more time than she needs for everything so she does have chance to pick up wet towels, empty bins, make beds and give the surfaces a wipe in the morning.

I have to admit i overfill my schedule and I am always rushing, maybe I should schedule a bit more time in , get the kids up earlier, pack in work 15 minutes before the school run not 30 seconds before? A timetable to clean also sounds like it should work.

I read a book a while ago called Housework Blues -it’s subheading is how to cope with the mental and emotional challenge of keeping a home . It challenges you to find pride and enjoyment in you home rather than see cleaning it as a drudge. 

Housework Blues

I do think its my time keeping and mental attitude that struggle with housework. maybe  I need to re-read the book!

How to get to grips with housework is a Commissioned post  you might also like my post on top tips for easier housework


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