How to get your kids interested in sports and physical activity

Many kids these days spend more time on mobile devices and tablets than outside. This is a real shame considering the world of opportunity and enjoyment out there, particularly that older generations once enjoyed as children. One thing that parents are usually keen to get their kids involved in is sports and physical activity. This has numerous benefits, as we will explore, but sometimes it can be difficult to persuade kids from their smart devices or toys. In this article, we will explore some of the ways that you can encourage your kids into trying and appreciating sports and exercise.

How to get your kids interested in sports

Why get kids involved in sports and physical activity?

Participation in sports and exercise can have a profound impact on everyone, not just kids. Physical activity is an essential process in maintaining health and wellbeing. It helps to keep bodies and minds active for people of all ages.

For kids though, it has an even more significant role to play in their personal development. Participating in sports and exercising with other children can inspire a sense of confidence and drive positive habits for later life. Not to mention the social development that your child can gain from spending time around other kids and working towards team or individual goals. But how can you get children interested in sports and physical activity?


Be a role model

Kids learn from their parents and are more likely to be interested in something that their parents are engaged with. Therefore, staying active yourself and participating in team or individual activities is a good way to encourage your kids to try new things.

It doesn’t just have to be engagement with sports and activities yourself. Watching sports on TV or in person together can be a good way for kids to get interested in a new activity. There is more equality when it comes to male and female sports being shown on TV now so watching all that is available is a good idea for all the family, no matter whether you have boys or girls.

Help them try new things

Sports and physical activity are all about finding something that you enjoy and actively want to do regularly. It can often take a few attempts or taster sessions to get kids actively engaged with a particular option, so be proactive in giving them lifts to different clubs or suggesting new activities.

Once you’ve found something that they enjoy, do your best to support their development in that sport – whether it be buying the correct equipment, clothing or memberships. Some sports like cricket have unique sizes for equipment such as bats and pads, so take a look at a cricket size guide to determine the best fit.

Help them develop healthy attitudes

It will take some kids a few attempts to reach a certain goal or achieve something in any given sport, but you must encourage and nurture healthy and positive behaviours. Giving up may be the right option in some circumstances, but resilience and commitment are qualities that are desirable and important in later life. These traits may even help your kids to climb the ranks in a particular sport, which may lead to a career as an athlete in their adult life! What sports or activities will you help your children to get involved with?



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