How to get your kids to sleep when you are travelling

The folks at Premier Inn have been looking into ways to encourage kids to sleep when you are travelling.  The have been working with the children’s sleep charity to come up with some great advice for parents.

So what would my advice be? Well these are my top 3 tips…

I have been having a think about my own experiences and I have to say  routine seems to be the answer for us. Sticking as closely as possible to the child’s normal routine gives their tired body and minds a sense of normality so milk, bath, teeth, story are they way we roll in this house. So (unless we are camping) we try and pretty much stick to that same routine when we are away. The kids often resist this as they are over excited by their new surroundings but we try and ensure why they do anyway as we know it really settles them.

Fresh air and lots of exercise are always key to inducing sleep with my kids so even if we have travelled a long way and are shattered I do try and at least get a walk in before we settle down. We once drove all the way down to Cornwall and the kids had been cooped up for hours. We ensure we walked for a good hour after getting out the car and they went form restless and agitated to relaxed and happy. Such a simple thing but so important to helping a child unwind.

Making sure a familiar bedtime toy has come travelling too is essential (not too many though and not the MOST precious one in case it gets lost.) This gives your child something to snuggle and the scent of home as they drift off.

Sleeping is so important to feeling healthy and well and felling positive and good tempered. Good sleep really does lead to all the family getting the very most out of their holidays.


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