How to have a Frugal Veganuary & Save Money on a Vegan Diet

How to have a Frugal Veganuary

How to have a Frugal Veganuary


My 12-year-old daughter turned vegan at the start of Dec. We are mightly proud of her. The whole family has been veggie forever so she has never eaten fish or meat but we did consume a lot of dairy. In this house i did not have to worry about ways to sneak broccoli into meals

A being vegan has proved rather pricey her advent calendar and selection box were VERY pricey.  We had to look at ways to keep costs down. I know a lot of people are doing veganuary so I thought I’d share a few tips on how to have a frugal veganuary here:


How to have a Frugal Veganuary

Here are my 5 top tips on how to have a frugal veganuary if you have any to share please do leave me a comment below – this is still new to us!


Home cook

Supermarkets shelves are now bursting with vegan ready meals, vegan snack bars and vegan substitutes and whilst this makes it so much easier to be vegan it is not easier on the pocket (not at all). Of course, there is a time and place for store-bought veganism but largely you should aim for home cooking for a multitude of good reasons. Learning to cook for yourself will ensure you get the nutrients you need, salt and sugar contents remain healthy and you are back in control of your budget.


Batch cook for a Frugal Veganuary

Rather than using up your time and energy and your ovens several time cooking in batches makes sense and can stick your freezer with great extra stand by meals.


All in for a

Frugal Veganuary

When I was making us a regular pizza and buying a vegan on for my daughter she was getting way too much and the cost was way too much. Now ill give us all a slice of vegan pizza and bumps up the veggies – it does us no harm and it does the planet a lot of good.


Find a great blog

You don’t need to invest in a shelf full of vegan cookbooks there is so much info online that is free. My go-to vegan food bog is Thinly Spread


Frugal Veganuary


Find a great online community

Embracing a new way of eating can feel isolating and confusing and yet it really doesn’t have to. have a search on Facebook for others doing Veganuary and tap into the recipes they are using and where they are finding vegan value in their shopping. I think you will find it tremendously supportive.

Happy frugal veganuary folk and really well done to all those giving it a go.  I do hope this post will help on your path to a Frugal Veganuary.

You might like a peek at my recipe for homemade vegan granola



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  1. January 10, 2020 / 09:08

    You’re right – whatever type of diet you are eating if you cook for yourself it is always cheaper. I have noticed that vegan food can be expensive and quite processed if you buy it ready made, but is very cheap – much cheaper than eating meat – if you make it yourself.

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