How to have a romantic dinner on a budget

Today’s guest post – how to have a romantic dinner on a budget

Can’t afford to push the boat out for your date? Not to worry! Dates can still be a special occasion even if you’re not splashing the cash on fancy food, champagne and roses. Here’s how you can have a special and memorable dinner without breaking the bank.


romantic dinner on a budget


How to host a romantic dinner on a budget

Stay in for your romantic meal on a budget

Don’t worry about making reservations– why not cook a meal together at home? Or, alternatively, offering to a cook a meal for your partner could make a great present.

A meal at home can be just as romantic as any restaurant if you include the right touches. It can actually be better to eat at as many of the popular restaurants are often pricey and not particularly special!

Tidy up the room you want to eat in beforehand and remove any clutter. Then you could use a nice tablecloth, candles and maybe some flowers on the table to create a romantic atmosphere. Background music will also make you feel more in the mood.

Romantic Recipes

The best thing about staying in for dinner is that you can eat whatever you like! If you can’t spend the money on fancy ingredients, not to worry – there are plenty of meals that can be made easily and cheaply.

Try a creamy carbonara or a simple squash risotto simple squash risotto for a meal that will look and taste impressive without requiring lots of work. Then to finish, an easy chocolate tart or mousse will be a delicious romantic dessert that is great to share.


romantic dinner on a budget

Gifts for your romantic meal on a budget

Chocolate is seen as one of the staple romantic gifts, and luckily it’s affordable too! Chocolates don’t have to be expensive to be high quality.

As well as chocolate gifts that are sure to make your partner smile flowers are often available at reasonable prices at most high-street shops. Just make sure to get there quickly – many florists sell out fast.

It’s completely possible to have a romantic dinner date without spending lots of money. As well as dinner, why not take a romantic walk, visit an art gallery or museum or just make time to sit and talk with your loved one? Love doesn’t cost a thing – and if you plan things right, your special evening needn’t be either.


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  1. March 17, 2013 / 21:25

    ohh squash risotto, I would love Al to make me that for a romantic meal, that and chocolate, perfection!

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