How to Have a Special Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Special Valentine’s Day on a Budget


I have been thinking about Valentines Day romance and wondering what I can do for my partner that’s cheap and cheerful but also thoughtful and romantic.

I have a few thoughts….

1. Write your partner a love letter…costs nothing but can be kept for ever and comes form the heart

2. Dig out the old photo albums from when you first met and dedicate an hour on Valentines day to purely reminisce about when you fell in love

3. Start the day with bringing them breakfast in bed

4. Draw them a lovely bath and place some candles around it



Special Valentine's Day on a Budget


5. Give them a lovely massage

6. Cook them a meal they love and their favourite ever pudding

7.  Rent a romantic movie that you both love…and have a big blankie to hand for you both to snuggle under.

8. If you can’t afford a gift don’t worry but everyone loves a valentines card and you can always make one. Cards made with letters cut out of the newspaper look very cute.

9. Text them throughout the day with ‘I love you because…’ messages and pop a few messages on post its around the house too

10. Make sure you look your partner directly in the eye and tell them why they’re special to you .

So most of these are low key no cost ways to have a lovely time on Valentines day


All you need to purchase for this day of treats are:

Their Favourite Pudding

Massage Oil


So here is what I  do when I want  an online shop  and want o spend the least, I head on over to visit one of the big supermarkets (in this instance I chose Asda) and stock up my basket with what I want.  Automatically as I fill my basket  it tells me on the screen exactly how much the same basket of shopping would cost at Tesco , Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsburys too and at any point I can just switch and checkout from one of these instead.

For my Valentines goodie basket of profiteroles,  vanilla candles and massage lotion actually Tesco turned out to be the cheapest store for this selection.

I was given the option to switch my body lotion for a cheaper one so now my shopping costs £4 from Tesco for the same basket(though a different brand of lotion) Wow. I love to save so easily.
I love My Supermarket. It’s free to use AND it saves me money. An average customer saves £17 using My Supermrket. Now isn’t that impressive!
Check them out and explore some Valentine’s day top offers.

Oh and if anyone is interested I would be quite happy with some Valentine’s day chocolate


Budget ways to inject the romance back in your life …..

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