How to Have a Stress Free Home (simple tips that really work)

How to have a stress free home

How to have a stress free home



How to have a stress free home

Is it possible to have a stress free home?

How to have a stress free home is something that I know practically everyone wonders and certainly something everybody wants.

It can feel impossible can’t it when you are taking care of kids, working, trying to keep your home in order, cooking, chauffeuring and trying to have any semblance of a life yourself.

Aggh. it makes me feel stressed just to even think about all I try and juggle. I am not alone in this. According to the Happy Home Study from home management site Hoppy, for over a third of stressed out British workers (36 per cent), running their home is as or more stressful than their day job, with one in three working men (30 per cent) staying late in the office to skive household chores.  Ha! I am convinced my husband misses tea/homework time on purpose sometimes!

But it is not impossible to have stress free home, you just have to have the right tools and habits in place to make it run smoothly. Here are some top tips to help you create the stress-free home you crave.

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How to have a stress free home – Ten tops tips

1. Have great insurance cover

Without insurance, your life could easily end up in chaos. It is one of life’s essentials, Hoppy’s new home insurance service compares the best insurance deals on the market for consumers – this ensures you get the best for your money and makes the process of finding the best deal really straightforward. You can spend hours looking for an insurance deal that is right for you not knowing if you have got the best price or service and this allows you to make a speedy and informed choice. Insurance is critical and this takes the stress out of getting it in place.

2. Develop good habits for a stress free home

Getting into the habit of getting stuff done straight away makes life so much simpler in the long run, For example, clean the dishes after eating, make the bed in the morning or add items running out to the shopping list straight away. This all makes life seem more manageable and without a trail of unfinished jobs behind you will feel more in control.

3. Make your home work for you

Every morning I tidy up from breakfast and set off the dishwasher and washing machine before I do anything else. The feeling that my home is being productive gives me a sense of ease and helps me feel more productive.

4. Use technology to manage your finances.

Money can be such a stress can’t it and it’s an area that you really need to take control of.  The key to having a happy home is to feel on top of these things. Working out a family budget of incomings and outgoings is crucial. You can use  home management sites like Hoppy to help you get your money under control and manageable and this can impact os positively on your wellbeing,

5. A shared calendar

A shared calendar is a really good idea. It takes a tiny bit of setting up but it is reslly worth that bit of time. Busy family life can become confusing and messy if it is not clear what everyone is doing when. Hoppy automatically sync your tasks to your Hoppy calendar, invite friends or family and share dates and documents so you can keep on top of things. I just love this idea.


And even more tips on how to have a stress free home  …


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How to have a stress free home – More tips!

6. Fix problems as they arrive

Is your home a trail of half done projects or jobs waiting to be started. This is always a cause of stress and if you ar elooking into ways how to have a stress free home this is not conducive. Commit to getting any outstanding work done and your home just as you like it. On Hoppy, there is a tradesperson portal where you can list your job and your turn around time and professionals can contact you to pitch for the work and you can compare quotes. That is SO Much less stressful than you having to ring round a dozen different people trying to find one available.

7. Meal plan

Meal planning is a great way to avoid stress. It means you shop for what you know will eat and you don’t even have to think about it from one week to the next. It is also a money saver as you won’t be wasting food or splurging on takeaways because you have nothing in to eat.

8. Assign responsibilities

If everyone in the family knows what their role is it won’t all land on you. My least favourite job ever is putting away laundry so everyone puts away their own. My husband loves to cook and is a speedy ironer so these are his jobs. I order the food shop. Knowing who does what ensures it will get done without fuss and that the jobs are equally shared.

9. Plan ahead

We always get school uniforms set out the night before and pack lunches made to avoid stress in the mornings. Bins go out the night before collection too. A little planning ahead can take away a lot of pressure.

10. Declutter

Having less stuff around in your home means you have less to tidy, you are less likely to lose things and you feel calmer. Decluttering works so well to reduce stress. Grab your bin bags!

 Plus be too stressed to be blessed find out how here


How to have a stress free home – now it’s over to you

So there you are I do hope these help … an eclectic mix of tips to show you how to have a stress free home. Huge thanks to Hoppy home management and psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos for some great ways to reduce stress in the home that really inspired me. Do check out the fab Hoppy blog too for lots of great home management tips.

I hope this advice works for you too! You might also like my posts on  how to cope when life is overwhelming  ways to prevent burnout when you are busy


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