How to have an unforgettable Christmas on a budget

Guest post – How to have an unforgettable Christmas on a budget

Feeling flummoxed and flabbergasted by the festive season? There are plenty of clever ways for food lovers to enjoy Christmas, without breaking into the piggy bank and counting the pennies.  

 Plan ahead

 Don’t let Christmas creep up on the house like the Grinch lurking outside. The kids won’t be too impressed if he comes and steals the Christmas fun away!  One way of doing this is to plan ahead in terms of food and present buying. Christmas preparations can happen all year around. So make a list of the people you’re giving presents for and cultivate an eagle eye for a bargain, getting appropriate gifts at sales throughout the year. 

 Prep the freezer for the Christmas onslaught by removing and using all of the bits and pieces to make room for all of the Christmas leftovers.  Buy non-perishables such as nuts, biscuits, chutneys, wines, and chocolates early.  An even better idea is to get a gift hamper from a company such as Forman and Field –  they have a wonderful selection of budget-friendly, non-perishable foods to pre-order.

  unforgettable Christmas on a budget

Cheaper alternatives to supermarkets

 Here’s another way to rustle up a fiscally challenged feast. Places like Poundland and Lidl sell food far cheaper than supermarkets, and also sell kooky, fun stocking fillers. Remember – don’t get trolley envy and start loading up with enough to feed an army of strong men. Aim to plate up just the usual amounts  People don’s suddenly get bigger tummies because it is Christmas day!


Get savvy with internet shopping

 A broadband connection can be a great friend and ally when used correctly. Check out price comparison websites for gifts. Just be sure to check the returns policy in case the present is a no-go with the recipient.  An added bonus is that an online shopping basket will automatically flash up with a sub-total, hopefully keeping impulse buys in check.  Supermarket pricing dramatically fluctuates during the holiday season, so it’s always a good idea to do a price comparison online. Just clarify the home delivery price as well, as this can go up during the Christmas period too.

Gift basket glory

 Scrimping and saving is a wonderful thing, but so is a touch of luxury on the big day. A slice of decadence can be created by adding some exotic, gourmet treats to Christmas dinner. Think of hampers that include delicacies like Stilton and after-dinner delights like macaroons. 

Happy bargain hunting! 


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