How to heat a home efficiently

Do you think you know how to heat a home efficiently ?

Oh the weather is so changeable right now, yo just have no idea day to day what it is going to do.

The other day I retrieved our summer clothes from the loft, I was feeling hopeful and inspired by glints of sunshine, a parade of colourful flowers and murmurs of summer holidays.

I should have been a little more cautious and remembered that this is England!

The very next day I had cranked the heating back up and was in  a big woolly jumper drinking hot tea as I worked, to keep myself toasty.

How to heat a home efficiently

I have been aware this winter of drafts in our home through doors whose sealant is obviously not quite right. I have wondered too about under floor heating and my toes have thought what a truly marvellous idea this would be. Do you have underfloor heating. People I know who do say it makes a lot of difference

My heating bills seem to have gone up whilst my actual level of toastiness in our house seems to have gone down.

We are going to have to re-look at how efficiently we are heating our house.

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies have put together a survey to find out if people know how to heat their home efficiently which I would love you to pop over and take here

It is so important we get the most for our money isn’t it and it is equally important that whilst being so money smart we actually have comfortable homes that meet our needs.

Do you think you heat your home efficiently? I would love to hear in the comments below what you do that you think works really well for you. And do pop and take the  survey!









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