How to jazz up an outfit

I have always loved accessories. When you are bored of having the same old thing in your wardrobe it is amazing how a new accessory can add a shine to a well worn outfit.

Whether you buy a scarf , some earrings or even a new handbag never underestimate the power of just adding one item to really change how you look.  Accessories are the budgeters best friend, avoiding the need to splash the cash on a host of brand new clothes.

I am really loving this vibrant pink watch from The Watch Hut would totally jazz up a rather plain outfit and it’s really bright and energising.



Yellow is going to be a big colour trend this  Spring and buying an accessory in the seasons colour is a nod to this trend without  huge expense. It also makes you look subtly trendy rather than making you look like a fashion victim.
Have fun accessorising!

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