How to Keep Financial Fortune on Your Side

Today – How to Keep Financial Fortune on Your Side

Keeping track of personal finances is a formidable task, particularly as we age and money matters become more complex.  Add changes to the economy, following the major global recession, and personal money management becomes an intimidating prospect for those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of finance.  If you are charged with running your family finances, but don’t always feel confident in your abilities, proactive moves can help you find your financial stride.

How to Keep Financial Fortune on Your Side

How to Keep Financial Fortune on Your Side


Become an Educated Consumer

Financial knowledge translates to earnings and savings, so it pays to stay informed about consumer trends.  Not only can you improve your short-term financial outlook by showing savvy at the point of sale, but educating yourself about credit rules, economic conditions, and other money matters also contributes to long-term security.


Financial understanding improves outcomes at all levels of your personal economy, giving you the tools needed to make prudent financial moves.  And with modern communication methods at your disposal, access to relevant financial information is unfettered.  Car-buyers, for example, choose from dozens of online venues, highlighting cars for sale.  With a few mouse clicks, shoppers readily compare models and pricing from various dealers.  Similarly, those shopping for loans use sites like to evaluate interest rates and lending options.  Insurance coverage is also marketed in the same way, enabling informed consumers to weigh their options, side-by-side, before making spending decisions.


In addition to the insight provided by online comparisons, customer reviews furnish valuable information for consumers.  Dedicated review sites maintain forums for those with feedback to offer, but even Amazon and other sellers include reviews on their websites.  Although each review is subjective and opinions vary, reading feedback from past buyers can help identify trends in actual user experiences.  With their guidance, you’ll make quality purchases and keep replacement costs as low as possible.


How to Keep Financial Fortune on Your Side


Use Technology to Simplify Money Management

Keeping-up with ever-changing financial technology can be frustrating, but each innovation may also be an opportunity to streamline your household finances.  With a little tech savvy, the following aids can help with everything from budgeting to banking:

  • Online Banking – Banks and credit unions offer increasingly powerful money management platforms, capable of linking all of your financial business to a single account. Handling matters online is efficient, saving you trips to the teller, but wide-ranging online services go beyond automated deposits.  Loans, investment accounts and various payments can all be managed using online banking.
  • Free Credit Report – Your credit report is a financial tool, so you should know exactly what it contains. You are entitled to, in fact, without cost, so order your free annual credit report and work on weaknesses in your credit profile.
  • Budgeting Apps – Keeping track of your household cash flow is best accomplished using a ledger to log oncome and spending. Moving to a digital format adds benefits like reports and at-a-glance features furnished by budgeting apps.
  • Investment Services – Financial security includes saving and investing for retirement. The face of the professional financial consulting industry has changed, shifting alongside technological advances. Like other forms of banking and money management, investment accounts and services can now be controlled and accesses remotely, with less emphasis on personalized service.  Using the evolving financial apparatus to your advantage can increase returns and keep you informed about investment performance and trends.


How to Keep Financial Fortune on Your Side


Collaborate for Success – How to Keep Financial Fortune on Your Side

Financial challenges are personal, but you are never alone grappling with money matters.  And while professional financial advice sheds valuable insight, it is not the only way to strengthen financial understanding. To increase your chances for success, consult with others familiar with your circumstances.  Unsure if you are getting the best professional financial advice? Join a local investors club to compare notes with contemporaries.  Preparing for the extraordinary cost of college?  Connect with others facing the same challenge, or better yet, seek counsel from those who’ve successfully navigated degree programs. Considering a real estate investment?  Discuss the ins and outs of ownership with landlords you trust.

There is no substitute for experience, but you can’t afford expensive mistakes. Fortunately, you can learn from others, without risking your own financial security.  Personal financial decisions are ultimately in your hands, but others’ successful strategies can often be applied to your own financial quandaries, with good result.


Financial fortunes ebb and flow, under the influence of countless forces.  Despite the unpredictable nature of money matters, maximizing positive outcomes is one key to consistent financial success.  Collaborating with experienced money managers and making the most of financial technology are two easy ways to reinforce healthy personal finances.  And educating yourself about financial trends and economic conditions furthers your ability to maintain financial balance.


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  1. March 30, 2017 / 10:43

    It always amazes me when I find out how many people still don’t take advantage of online banking.

    It’s like they want to stand in a line and waste their time.


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