How to Keep Kids Safe Online and a Fab Competition

As a blogger I spend a large part of my working life in the internet. Despite being an experienced and  adult internet user I still sometimes open spam emails, follow links to random unintentional sites and wonder if I have just won a million pounds almost every day. I fend off Viagra pushers, get asked for my bank account details  and passwords and get sent attachments I am half tempted to open which could bring my computer down! It is a minefield. I have to be wary and tread carefully.

Security risks abound on the internet and some are so well disguised.How on earth are a children meant to manage all this?

Well the reality is they cannot be expected to manage it all and they need protecting.

I haven’t even touched on cyber bullying yet have I or social media sites. Even worse than being inadvertently exposed to horrible websites or tricked to part with your cash, cyberbullying frightens children the most and 49% of them say being cyber bullied is one of the most horrible things that can think of happening to them

Rather shockingly in a recent survey by Intel security is was found that 47% of children aged 8-16 years old typically spend 10 or more hours on the internet each week and nearly half of children (49%) have witnessed cruel behaviour on social networks.

But we are NOT helpless in the face of this. here is what we can do …



Five top tips to stay safe online
1. Connect with your kids. Talk frequently with them about the online risks, and make sure the communication lines are open. You can discuss relevant news stories or cases at schools.
2. Set password rules. To show camaraderie and trust, teens may share their social media passwords but this is a dangerous practice. Put a consequence in place for breaking this critical password rule.
3. Read app reviews. By reading app flags, age restrictions and customer reviews on an app, you will be able to discern if an app is going to be suitable for your child.
4. Gain access. Parents should have passwords for their children’s social media accounts and passcodes to their children’s devices to have full access.
5. Be in the know. Stay one step ahead and take the time to research the various devices your kids use. Stay knowledgeable about the newest and latest social networks.

We can also make sure our computer has security systems like Intel Security installed. Their LiveSafe solution can protect all your devices from just one account, manage and remember all your passwords, protect against hackers and virus and it has secure cloud storage for sensitive information (such as a copy of your passport)

Intel Security’s mission is to give everyone the confidence to live and work safely and securely in the digital world. I know that is something we all want for our children and for ourselves, The internet is here to stay we need to use it safely.



Tots100 have launched a competition today to win 4 tickets to Bletchley Park (a fascinating history lesson!) and there are 8 runner up prizes of Intel Security software.

Pop on over to Tots100 to enter and stay safe!


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