How to Liven Up the Exterior of Your Home

How to Liven Up the Exterior of Your Home

Many years ago I went to University in the south of England. One of the things that struck me most on the journey down there from my home in the Midlands were the beautifully coloured houses. I hadn’t ever seen these before and I thought they just looked so beautiful. As the years have passed and I have travelled more I have seen many coloured houses and they always have the same effect on me…they lift my spirits and they make me smile.


Just look at some of the beautiful colours you can choose from if you are looking to repaint your home with all-weather wall coatings . Aren’t they really lovely?

Wall coating is like paint but thicker and more resilient and it prevents the need for constant repainting.

Exterior painted walls take such a battering from the weather and can end up looking terrible. They can end up cracked, peeling and looking just hugely neglected, which is never the look we are aiming for is it!

It is well worth having a great wall coating applied (or even doing it yourself). As well as being weather resistant and looking good these coatings also add a form of protection to your exterior walls from natural nasties like moisture and moss so they are very practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

This kind of work to the exterior of your home can really have a transformative effect. The outside of your home is the very first thing that visitors see and it gives an immediate impression about your property and the kind of care you take of your home.

Coloured wall coatings make a home look very distinctive and rather beautiful and give it a real identity. I like to see red flowers against white walls and blue walls, and yellow walls look fantastic with white shutters. A pink house radiates joy all on its own!

There are many other ways to spruce up the exterior of your home.

Without further ado, here are 6 of my top tips:

Having a very clean and neat front door is vital to a home’s initial impact. Shiny brass knockers, gleaming stained glass or well painted glossy wood are all key.

How to Liven Up the Exterior of Your Home

It really helps to have your house number or name visible and clear so your guests and your postie can find you easily!

You also want to have a hardy mat so that your home stays as mud free as possible, as well as steps that are clean and stable so no one trips.

A path that is weed free and clearly defined is always really welcoming

I love to see flowers in a pot by the front door or in hanging baskets or on windowsills; flowers decorate a house exterior so beautifully.

Your window dressings also face out onto the world so keeping them dust free and sparkling is really important.

By following all of these tips and tricks, you can be sure that you have created a beautiful home exterior that shows how loved your home is.


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