How to Make a Birthday Special on a Budget

How to Make a Birthday Special on a Budget 

I hold my hands up I am not great at birthdays on a budget. Nope. I tend to go a bit OTT at birthdays and at Christmas and I have to consciously pull myself back from spending huge amounts that I cannot afford.



My daughter was 13 last week and my son is 16 next Monday.

Here are a few ways I did save on their birthdays. yet still made it special.


vegan cake

How to Make a Birthday Special on a Budget

How to Make a Birthday Special on a Budget

1) I used fabric and old wrapping paper and gifts bags to wrap gifts. As long as their gifts are wrapped they really don’t care how they are wrapped and his is os much better for the environment and my pocket. they looked so lovely in bright mismatched colours.

2) I got creative – my daughter lover murder mysteries so we set up a crime scene and had her solves 8 murder mystery middles and she got a gift after each one – it was really fun and cost-free

3) I made my own cake – for the first time ever I made a cake. I am not a great baker so I usually buy it but this year my daughter turned vegan and I am shielding and I could not find one to order anywhere unless I was prepared to pay huge amounts. So I used this great vegan chocolate cake recipe and it was pretty nice! she was happy anyway, Jen has a gorgeous recipe for a stunning homemade birthday cake here if you want something that looks more elaborate but simple to make.

4) I made it meaningful – for my son’s birthday, I have had all his favourite people send me a video clip with advice for the future and happy birthday wishes and I have made it into a little movie am hoping he will love it – it’s made me cry.

5)  I made it fun. I paid someone on Fiverr to put my daughters face on a Jumani poster than hung it up in the house and she just stumbled upon it during the day. It made her laugh so much and she said it was one of her favourite gifts. I also made her special vegan pancakes for breakfast – shae always misses out being vegan and she so appreciated the extra effort



How to Make a Birthday Special on a Budget

How to Make a Birthday Special on a Budget


So yes whilst I do still overspend around birthdays I do also truly know how to make a birthday special on a budget. Birthday invitations are always something I like to include and with these you can download, print yourself or even send online.  They always make a birthday special.


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