How to make a Grinch bookmark

How to make a Grinch bookmark – lets take a look. 


How to make a Grinch bookmark


Making a Grinch bookmark is a really fun and simple craft, it just takes a tiny bit of practice and a little bit of sticking and cutting. It is so worth it to see the Grinch’s little head pop up out of your book though! How to make a Grinch bookmark – it’s simple!


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How to make a Grinch bookmark

First of all, you simply take a piece of card. It can be any colour but I chose green because the Grinch is green!  Measure 4 inches in from the edge of the card then, using your book as a straight line, draw a line on your card that reaches just a bit above the length of your book.


How to make a Grinch bookmark


Next, I cut a Christmas hat out of a red paper cup and white paper (use whatever you have handy!)


How to make a Grinch bookmark using google images

Then I looked up some Grinch images on Google images and found one that seemed simple(ish!) to copy and I had a go at drawing the outline of the Grinch’s face. I did this in pencil first so I could easily rub it out and not waste paper.


How to make a Grinch bookmark


Then I cut it out and stuck the little Christmas hat on.

Next, you need to take your bookmark and draw a dashed line about 2 centimetres from the top, which you are then going to bend and crease the paper from



The bit you have bent over will be stuck to the back of the Grinch’s head as in the picture below. You can use glue, glue dots or sellotape to secure the bend of card to the back of the head.



That’s it!- I cut a few fronds at the bottom to make it looks extra- bookmark-ish.


Grinch bookmark


Grinch bookmark, how to make a grinch bookmark


Isn’t he cute with his little head sticking out! and that is it – how to make a Grinch bookmark and would’t it make the cutest gift!

Happy Grinchmas everyone!

I do hope you have enjoyed my post on How to make a Grinch bookmark. You can find many more of my crafts post here


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