How to make a memory box

A memory box makes the most lovely homemade gift.


How to make a memory box


It is just absolutely the perfect giftfor a child to decorate and give to a friend. My daughter has made them before for Father’s day too and they are just a delight.  The inside could include shared memories such as photos or postcards of places visited together, ticket stubs, a memento of something shared perhaps, a favourite recipe. It is such a personal gift and absolutely one from the heart.

My daughter has today made one for her cousins who she is about to go on holiday with. She plans to fill it with bits and bobs from their time together so they can remember their holiday in the future.

Such a sweet idea.


How to make a memory box

What we used to make our memory box

Our supplies were simple:



  • A photograph
  • Bostik foam pads (white double-sided sticky foam pad perfect for card making, collages, scrapbooking, decoupage, model making and so much more. We love these they are strong and secure and very easy to handle.
  • A wooden box with a photo insert lid
  • Little wooden elephants ( becuase they never forget!)

Then it was ajuts a simple matter of assembling!



Handmade gift tags

A handmade gift needs a handmade gift tag. To create these simple scented tags we used:



  • Paper gift tags – plain or coloured
  • Fallen flowers
  • Bostik glue dots  heseT are great, they are double sided, clear, removeable, not messy and strong. Just perfect for the job!  They stuck the fallen flowers on easily.



How to make a memory box


Tags are never kept so it’s fine to use real flowers I would advise just adding them the day the gift is going to be given so they stay fresh and scented.

Don’t they look pretty?

I hope you have enjoyed this post on how to make a memory box – maybe this is something your child might like to do? It is such an inexpensive and yet priceless gift and so much fun to make!



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