How to Make a Twig Boat

How to make a twig boat / how to make a stick boat – let’s take a look. 

Oh, how I just absolutely love nature crafting. My favourite (free!) material to use in nature crafting has always been sticks.

I have a lovely post all about things kids can do with sticks over on my Baby Budgeting blog and it has so many craft/play ide s to keep your kids entertained. This idea – making a twig boat, or a stick boat  is one I have seen floating (!) around for years.


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I have always wanted to have a go at making a twig boat. I have seen some lovely ways to make rafts and boats using popsicle sticks and very neatly cut, aligned sticks but I wanted to go for something entirely rustic here – no glue or string, totally natural.

Here is how we made our twig boat.  It has to be the cheapest (ie. completely free) craft ever!


nature craft and play

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How to make a twig boat

You don’t need very much in order to be able to make a twig boat

  • Long pieces of grass (we used Monbretia leaves in the end) – you made need to experiment it needs to be tough
  • A random selection of twice broken to similar size
  • A few fallen flowers
  • A leaf


Making a twig boat – simple tips!

All you need to do is lay out your grass vertically underneath your twigs (6-8) which are laid horizontally together on top.

Tightly wrap your grass around the twigs to bring them together – this may take a few attempts. Try to keep your twigs flat and tight together as possible.

Next take one extra twig and slot it into the bottom of your boat to become your mast.

Thread a leaf gently by poking the mast through it in two place – this will make the sail.

Add a few fallen tiny flowers for decoration and that is it!

Set it afloat in a paddling pool, bathtub or stream.

Just lovely.


How to make a twig boat



And here she is on her maiden voyage. How to make a twig boat? Well it’s fun and easy so why not give it a go – you will find all you need in your garden and it is great fun. If it rains you can juts try and float it in your bath tub in your home

How to make a twig boat



More than stick boats …. Further reading

I have lots of simple nature crafts over on my Simple Parenting blog so do take a peek over there too! And if you fancy making a bespoke  flower card then pop over to A Beautiful Space.

Nature crafting is so fabulously free, great entertainment for the kids and totally eco-friendly. You will love my post o things for kids to do with stones and things for kids to do with sticks

I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a twig boat you might also like my post on how to make an autumn wreath


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