How to make at least £50 in 4 easy steps in about 1 hour.

This is easy-peasy, quick  computer and home based recycling and money making. Simply…

  • Check every pocket in your house, check every handbag in your house, empty any coin pots  then check your car for coins – whizz to Asda and put them through a coin machine (or if you are really comitted sort into bags and  take it to a bank – this does take AGES!)
  • Still got your old mobile?  Go to Money Saving Expert put in your make and find the best price/place to sell
  • Got some old cds? Try Music Magpie to sell old games DVD’s and cd’s for free
  • Any old books you no longer want? Pop them on Amazon takes minues to set up a sellers account and costs nothing to list


Hope you do well!

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  1. Jen Stanbrook
    September 28, 2011 / 12:54

    Great ideas Becky! Been thinking of selling books on Amazon for a while.

  2. Cass@frugalfamily
    October 4, 2011 / 14:35

    Brilliant – I could do with some extra at the minute x x

  3. Sarah Finn (@sarahknows1)
    October 4, 2011 / 15:10

    Thanks for sharing! Music magpie is new link to me, so I will have a look. x

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