How to make halls homely

I was a student for a very long time and had my share of living in Halls.

Gosh how depressing these tiny rooms seemed at first…just a bed a sink and a single bed. I remember sticking up my cure poster and blasting out U2 trying to convince myself it was homely.  It never really did the trick.

Now with the benefit of many years homemaking under my belt i have a better sense of what is needed to create a homely feel.  I have been window shopping at HomeSense this week  for ideas to make halls homely and have some lovely examples of how to do this.


being cold is just horrible so I think a lovely cosy blanket that you just adore the colour and texture of is an absolute must.

Love the pom poms and vibrant orange colour of this blanket it would certainly warm up a room.


Thoughts of home

I think a home should reflect you t and things you love and for dog lovers what could be cuter than a little doggie motif cushion. If you are missing your pet a little reminder will help . Isn’t this cute!

dog cusion

It’s the little things

Little things like clocks (so useful for students who might well struggle to get up!) can really make a place more homely.


Every home is welcoming and hospitable and halls can b just that…how about filling a sweetie jar with bon bons or fudge for  guests….you will soon have a stream of visitrs to your room who I am sure will make themselves at home.


All homes should have a sense of fun about them. I rather love this pop art I found at HomeSense of the Queen driving a bus. How quirky!


To make halls homely; colour, texture warmth and a little thought is required. It is so worth it to create a home away from home and really settle in.

HomeSense sell great items for the home at really good prices and I think students really would enjoy the often quirky, eclectic fun nature of their products. Youc an find your nearest store here


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