How to make the MOST money from decluttering

Today – How to make the MOST money from decluttering


How to make the MOST money from decluttering, money from decluttering



How to make the MOST money from decluttering – top tips

Do you wonder how to make the most money from decluttering? Decluttering has so many benefits and I have written about these on several occasions.

A physical declutter not only makes you feel in control and ready for a fresh start, it also helps you find things you thought were lost and creates a physical space that makes you feel calmer and makes your home look better. I could write at length about any of these benefits of decluttering because they are real and tangible benefits that really can have a big and positive impact on your life.


How to start decluttering

Can you tell I am a major fan of decluttering? And i jus love to make money form decluttering. So much so that last year I had the experience of a professional declutter from expert Suzie Young. I found this actually life changing and for a long time afterwards I felt lighter and freer and much more in control of my life. It is quite hard to explain the impact of a declutter so I would just suggest you experience it!

So once you have got down to business and really cleared all the clutter; sorting it into things to keep, things to give away to friends, items to give back to their original owners and things to trash you should just be left with one more box of stuff – things of value that you no longer want.

This last box will probably have a fair number of items in it anything from books to tapes, to pieces of furniture, vintage clothing, antiques, ornaments teasets and more.  The clutter we have in our home can be extensive, interesting and valuable. Have a look at my post on minimalism space and letting go if you need inspiration and also o at my post on declutter tips for hoarders

So what do you do with it?

You want to make money form decluttering – that’s what!


How to make money from decluttering

Well if you are rich you may want to just gift it to a charity shop but actually, that probably wouldn’t get the best value from it.

Selling items on eBay and on Amazon are well-explored options but they are not the only ones. Local Facebook pages bypass delivery costs and can be a great well to quickly sell your goods, with money being exchanged directly.

Sell your old mobile phones, gadgets, or whatever you can in order to make some extra cash. Get the best deal by comparing the current market price.

Auctions are another option that are well worth considering. BPI offers local and online auctions which are a great way to sell what you have decluttered and it can be a much speedier process than listing things individually on eBay and having to post each thing one by one as and when they sell.

What do you with the items you declutter? Are you a decluttering fan? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so, as ever, do leave them in the comments below.


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