How to make money from your clutter – Cluttersome busting ideas

How to make money from your clutter is some thing that is well worth knowing.

Clutter does not necessarily mean rubbish.

When I look around my home I don’t see piles of rubbish but I do see clutter. Too much stuff that stops the space looking as big and as light and as airy as it could.

The dictionary defines clutter as ‘a collection of things lying about in an untidy state.’ I agree with this but also I see as stuff that is in the way  (that we no longer want)

I am a big believer in the power of de-cluttering. I find it very therapeutic and love to see a streamlined, organised  and clutter free home.  I think it help you feel more in control. You can find things more easily. Life seems more manageable somehow and it give you emotional as well as physical lightness.

So yes there are lots of reasons to declutter but this wouldn’t be the family budgeting blog if I didn’t mention what good it would do for your budget.


How to make money from your clutter

Recently we began to clear our house in the long process of selling it. When we tacked the loft we were completely shocked as to have absolutely packed it was with clutter.

There were clothes that I last wore 10 years ago, a huge collection of no-longer-played-with toys and a huge pile of books. We found an old rocking chair, some lovely pictures and bit of jewellery too.

But what should we do with them?



What to do with your non-valuable clutter?

I would suggest…..

Passing to someone you think might like or use it

Taking it to a charity shop

Taking it to the recycling centre


What to do with your valuable clutter? Cluttersome wins

I would suggest…..

Finding a good auction house like BPI auctions who can sell it on for you to the highest bidder

Having a car boot sale

Individually listing items for sale on ebay or Amazon

Using your local Facebook selling page


It is possible to make a good deal of money out of unwanted possessions . A painting found in a Toulouse loft was discovered to be  a lost Caravaggio worth £94m. Blimey that WAS a successful declutter wasn’t it?


How to make money from your clutter is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on how to budget for your summer getaway



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