How to make money writing

Today – How to make money writing

How to make money writing


How to make money writing

I gave a talk at my son’s school career fair this week about how to make money writing and I thought  I would share my top 5 tips with you here (in terms of my own frugality ive done NOTHING this week to show off at all just worked, worked, worked worked)


So I’ll share some how to make money writing tips instead!

1) Hone your craft- write every day if you want to be a writer and then…write some more. Anything you want to be good at needs you to  practice a lot

2) Find your tribe…from being a blogger to being a playwright to being an aspiring novelist find yourself some peers and encouraging and motivating each other works. It si also a great way to find and be introduced to opportunities, plus social media matters. You need to be on each platform sharing your work, getting seen.

3)  Decide what you loving writing about most and go for it (you need to be super passionate about it – as it is going to consume quite a lots of your life and times!)

4) Get yourself a copy of the writers and artists yearbook If you decide you want to get published. Scour it to find which agents /publishers are looking for the kind of writing you produce whether it be sci-fi, poetry, wellbeing whatever then simply follow their guidelines for submitting your idea

5) Be persistent, be confident in your ideas and share what you are working on, Do not ever be afraid to contact brands you want to work with /peers/companies. You will I am sure have something wonderful to offer them,.,so be brave and just go for it.

I hope you ahve these how to make money writng tips (you might like my post on where to find free fonts too) Do you have any to add?  If you are interested you can see all my publsijhed books and products here

How to make money writing

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  1. October 6, 2019 / 15:55

    I totally agree – I picked up a copy of the 2017 Yearbook and it’s very worth it.

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