How to make perfume last longer

Today – How to make perfume last longer


How to make perfume last longer


It feels great being told by someone that you smell great. The problem is from the time you cover yourself in the best perfume at 7 am to the time you step into the office at 9 am, the signature scent might already be gone. The options you are left with is to either carry on the rest of the day with a faint smell or apply more perfume. Considering you want to save money on your favorite perfumes or aftershaves and still smell great, applying more perfume will be counterproductive. So, what is your best option?


How to make perfume last longer

Wearing perfume is a complex balancing act. You can either soak yourself in the perfume and end up irritating the people around you or elegantly wear it so that the sweet scent radiates from you majestically. Needless to say, if you want your perfume to last longer, you have to use less of it so that the bottle lasts much longer, and you get to save money. Here are a few expert tips you can use to ensure you get the most from your perfumes/ aftershaves.


  1. Store in a cool, dry and dark place

You don’t want the scent of your perfume to be compromised before the bottle is empty, do you? To keep the perfume in perfect condition, you have to store your fragrances in a cool, dry, and dark place. This is for the simple fact that heat, light, and humidity breaks down any perfume. Once compromised, you will have to spray more to achieve the desired scent.

You must refrain from keeping scent bottles in the bathroom too. The humidity and warmth in this room will compromise the perfume. Closed cabinets are great places to store perfumes. For the more expensive fragrances, some experts recommend storing them in the refrigerator so as to extend their lifespan. The refrigerator is dark, dry, and chill. The coolness of spritz will be much appreciated on a hot day.


  1. Spraying on the pulse points is how to make perfume last longer

The best way to make fragrances last longer is to target the pulse points. The pulse points are areas where blood vessels are closest to the skin surface. As you may have guessed, these areas are much warmer and will cause the alcohol carrier to evaporate better, thus releasing fragrances effectively. The pulse points include:


  •   Wrists
  •   Inside elbows
  •   Neck
  •   Below the midriff
  •   Knees


Spraying your calves and ankles is another pro-tip you should consider on the quest for how to make perfume last longer. This allows the sweet scent to rise throughout the day.


  1. Make use of Vaseline

Vaseline has proven to be the magic cure for everything from lash extension to wounds and now to fragrances. You will be surprised by how much longer rubbing Vaseline on the pulse points makes the perfume last. You just need to rub a little Vaseline over the pulse points then spray on it. In the same way, Vaseline traps moisture on the skin; it will trap the alcoholic scent in causing them to last longer. This is a valuable trick you should consider using to get the most from your fragrance.



  1. Spray-on clothes

Most people are accustomed to spraying fragrances directly on the skin. What you may not already know is that spraying it on the clothes causes the scent to last longer. The clothing fibres hold the scents for longer. At times the scent will still be present after washing your clothes.


  1. How to make perfume last longer? Don’t mist, spritz

If you enjoy movies and TV shows, you probably have seen actors spray loads of perfume into the air then walkthrough. This is not the best way to do it if you want your scent to last longer. Spraying perfume into the air only results in wastage. Most of the scent will evaporate before it gets on you. The best way is to spritz on your bare skin or into your clothes. That way, you will get to use less and keep the scent longer.


  1. Apply immediately after a hot shower

Did you know that the best time to apply perfume is immediately after taking a shower? This is because applying fragrance after a steamy shower makes it easy to lock the scent in. A hot shower opens the pores up and helps trap the fragrance better. As a result, you will get better mileage out of your favourite fragrance.


  1. Hydrate your skin first

Dry skin does not trap the scents. You must never spray fragrance or aftershave on dry skin because the alcohol that holds the scent will evaporate fast, and the scent will dissipate. You need to start by applying essential oils and allowing them to soak in before spraying perfume on. That way, the hydrated skin will trap the scents better.


  1. Resist the urge to rub the wrists together

The age-old myth of rubbing wrists together is more of an instinct to most people. What you need to understand is when you rub the wrists together, you don’t maximize the power of the fragrance but rather causes the breakdown of the top notes of perfumes. This causes the scents to dissipate much faster. You should just let the perfume sit after spraying so that it lasts longer.


  1. Buy the right perfume

Scent longevity is not all about how you wear the perfume. The kind of perfume you are using has a huge part to play. The amount of essential oils that perfume has determines its staying power. If you need a perfume that sticks around all day, choose the one with a high oil concentration. The eau de perfum, for example, contains 15 to 20 percent of essential oils and lasts 6 to 8 hours. Eau de toilettes, on the other hand, contains 5% of essential oils and lasts 3 to 6 hours. Getting perfume with long-lasting base notes will also help. For example, the woody base notes have more staying power.


With the help of these tips, you will be able to make perfume to lasts longer. The rule of thumb, however, is to purchase the right perfume, store it correctly, and avoid things that may cause it to decompose.


Now you know how to make perfume last longer you should find it saves you quite a bit of money! You might also like my posts on  a day of pampering on beautiful home scents and how to choose perfume online



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