How to make prom amazing on a budget

How to make prom amazing on a budget – top tips

Prom season will be upon us very soon and I know many parents long to know how to make prom amazing on a budget. I do hope my tips help.  In some areas, you really may want to splash out and in other areas cut back. here are some good ideas to help you cut costs when you need to.


Prom dress/ suit

Oh buying the prom dress or soon can feel like it is going to be a super expensive endeavour cant it. But you know there are always great fashion options that really do not have to cost much at all. You could encourage our child to look on eBay for a pre-loved dress or on facebook selling page perhaps? Or maybe they have an older cousin or siblings whose dress could be dyed or altered in some way to make it uniquely theirs?

When I looked for my daughter primary school prom dress I found that really close to prom season and just after prices were dramatically reduced. Might it be worth buying a year in advance to get a huge discount? Totally DON’T do this though if they are still growing or their weight fluctuates.

If your child absolutely has their heart set on a specific dress or suit that is expensive you could agree perhaps on condition t is sold on after and the money recouped comes back to you? This may not work however if they are sentimental. Lots of girls like to hold onto their prom dress as a reminder of that special time.




You can have a look here for a host of  prom car hire ideas  There really are so many options. In my daughter’s case, I think the school lay on a double-decker bus- isn’t that cute!   I have a friend whose partner dressed as a chauffeur gave his car a really great polish and took his daughter and her pals along himself saving a fortune.  If its a nice evening having a walk to prom might be a giggle/romantic and a chance to show the town how great you look in all your finery.



When it comes to photos, prom photos are up there with wedding photos as photos that people look back on quite a lot throughout their lifetime. I guess we want to see ourselves looking our very best don’t we? These days almost all of us have smart phones with great cameras so we really can take our own. Do take a lot, do encourage people to pose and do try lots of different configurations and backdrops. It’s also worth taking a few natural shots to of your son or daughter getting ready, just chatting with friends and so forth.  You will so value these photos in the future and they really don’t have to be expensive. By taking lots you will get lots of choices too.


I do hope these ideas have helped you work out how to make prom amazing on a budget.  But if you do splurge? Well, that’s okay too. It is, after all, a very special occasion.


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How to make prom amazing on a budget


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  1. March 13, 2019 / 13:47

    My daughter is 16 and has prom this year, just two days before we get married! We actually got her dress from Debenhams in the new year sale and it was only about £20 down from £100. We still end up spending a lot on tickets, hair, make-up etc x

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