How to make snowman bath bombs – an easy bath bomb recipe

Today – How to make snowman bath bombs

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How to make snowman bath bombs

Oh my goodness these are just the very cutest snowman bath bombs / snowman bath fizzys. I am sure you will want to make absolutely loads to give aways as gifts and actually they make a lovely, inexpensive handmade gift.

There is nothignquite as lovely as a homemade gift in my opion. Not only do they save you money but they sing with love. My daughter made a bunch of these for her firneds and they went down so well.

Here is how you make snowman bath bombs. Have fun!





Ingredients for an easy snowman bath bomb recipe

1  cup of baking soda  (340 g)

1/2 cup of citric acid (170g)

1 tbsp. coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla extra (optional)

Spritz of water, as needed

Silicone Snowman mold ( well worth the inestment as you can make so many of these snowman bath fizzys and they are lovely!)




Directions for your snowman bath bomb making 

Combine the baking soda, vanilla extract and citric acid.

Add in water a little bit at a time and combine to mix using your hands. You want it slightly dense but not soaked through.

Spoon the mixture into the snowman mold filling each cavity about halfway. Use your fingers to press down.

Spoon the remaining mixture evenly into the cavities and continue to press down.

Set the snowman bath bombs in a cool/dry spot for 24 hours to allow them to set.

Use 1-2 in a warm bath.

*Makes 6 Snowman Bath Bombs / Snowman Bath Fizzys


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You can adapt this snowman bath bomb recipe to make lots of great gifts


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