How to make the most of small spaces

I have had to work hard at making the most of small spaces in our family home.


My bathroom really is small and we are a busy and bustling family of 4 and it is our only bathroom. Hmm. Not easy. It used to look so cluttered and messy  we all seemed to have so much stuff and the kids left things everywhere. It was a mish-mash of peach bath, old tiles and a slightly cracked sink and a cupboard stuffed to over flowing. It looked a mess.

A white suite, a lovely mirror and mirrored storage plus an additional cabinet really made a difference. So did minimising our belongings and establishing a tidying/putting away for the kids.

make the most of small places


Our conservatory (aka our playroom) is  full of guitars, toys, games and crafts, and was looking  completely cluttered and storage was a big problem  We managed this by introducing more sleek storage space and having a huge declutter session. Delighted with the results.



Bigger problems

Many businesses require a good deal of storage space for stock, components, paperwork and operating their goods-in functions in a clear place which is not overly cluttered. Of course, square footage is one of the things that businesses also try to keep a lid on because of the costs associated with renting. Even if your business owns its own space, increasing the amount of room you have available requires careful budgeting and often the need to borrow capital.

Instead of expanding your space, why not opt for a mezzanine floor? There are different companies which provide mezzanine flooring services such as Warehouse Storage Solution. Mezzanine Floors not only increases your outgoings dramatically, but it can as much as double the amount of space you have to work in. Remember that mezzanines are not merely for businesses which need more storage space – they can be used to increase office space and even make a great showroom or boardroom, if wanted. Indeed, by separating administrative areas from storage ones, by using a split-level mezzanine, you can help staff members to comply with health and safety regulations more easily. Lastly, fitting one may be less expensive than you think and they can be installed rapidly, causing the minimum of disruption to your company’s usual working practices.

Warehouse storage solutions is a company located in Harrogate and they provide storage solutions to different businesses all over UK from tiered storage solution to pallet racking. Their ideas and innovations and really help maximise small spaces.

I think I would quite like one in my sons bedroom! That is my next awkward over-filled space to tackle.

How do you make the most of small spaces?



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  1. Angela
    September 7, 2016 / 06:32

    Good post.

  2. September 7, 2016 / 06:37

    Your ideas and guidelines seem very useful to make the most of small spaces in our family home. Many small chance in our home can be helpful in making our small home look bigger and make it more enjoyable to live in.

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