How to make your home more kid friendly

Today – How to make your home more kid friendly

It’s something that many parents, especially first timers, sometimes neglect to do. In the beauty and chaos of raising a child, it’s easy to forget that as they grow older, their needs become more demanding. And when your home is one you’ve worked hard on to make it ideal for you and your partner, changing things can be difficult. Maybe you’re not even the one with kids, but some friends are visiting, and they’re bringing their child who you have no idea how to keep things safe for them. And what do we even mean by kid friendly? Yes, safety is a part of it, but we also know that a more engaging experience for children in your home can be very important. Don’t worry! We have compiled a short list of things which can easily be done to make your home right for kids.


How to make your home more kid friendly


How to make your home more kid friendly


Accessorise safely

First things first: kids, young ones especially, just love grabbing and touching any small or shiny things that they can see. Decoration is something we all love in our homes, but instead of valuable (monetary or sentimentally) mementoes and ornaments loading those inviting bottom shelves or other low-lying places, opt instead for softer, more durable, things such as pillows, teddy bears or books. As for those prized possessions – simply keep them out of reach!


Be Wary of Windows

Windows remain huge safety hazards for children. Children will always be fascinated with them; it is entirely natural. Experts estimate at least 4000 children every year are hospitalised after falls from windows. Window stops or night-locks are crucial to the safety of children unless you intend on supervising them continuously. Windows are still important to children, and you should encourage them to look outside safely at the outside world.



Encourage Outside Play

If they’re tempted, why not show them how to use those patio doors! If they can escape to the outside, it unlocks a whole new area of wonderment and fantasy for them to play in. By introducing your kids to the outside world, not necessarily a garden, a park, or even the street is good too with appropriate supervision, you unlock doors of imagination that were previously impossible. Outside is a source of imagination and inspiration for children of all ages. What’s more, by easing them into the outside world, you can keep them from making a mess or breaking anything indoors!


Make Room – How to make your home more kid friendly

If not the most important tip, it is certainly the simplest. This one can be a case of testing the water, as until the child really has a feel for the room you won’t know which parts of it they like best. But it is important to give children their own space to think, play, and develop ideas. Allocation space for your child to occupy seems obvious, but it should happen organically within the home. One of the most important factors in a child’s familial development is inclusion, so you should be ready to welcome them into the living room, along with all their possessions, to make them truly feel at home.


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