How to make your razor blade last for 150 uses

How to make your razor blade last

More than 600 million people worldwide use razor blades every year. It can be an expensive business  but you can put an end to shelling out for expensive razor blades when you have a  RazorPit,

 The RazorPit razor blade sharpener works with all razor blades . It is available online for around £12. Isn’t that brilliant? I just love money saving gadgets

The RazorPit works by deep cleaning your razor blade, keeping the just sharpened effect thanks to its  friction technology. It removes nearly all residue of hair and skin (YUCK!), the key factors that make razor blade blunt.  Using the RazorPit extends the life of your favourite razor by 90%, up to 150 uses, saving you cash.

The build-up of residue creates the illusion of bluntness and  we end up throwing out our blades well before the end of their life. This causes unnecessary waste and environmental damage. Using the 100% recyclable RazorPit is good for your legs, your pocket and the environment.

This works so simply and so effectively you will I am sure tell all your friends! (it has had brilliant feedback on Amazon)

Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener, How to make your razor blade lastComes in black or hot pink currently £11.75 on Amazon



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