How to manage your home more easily

How do you find managing your home?

I have to admit that I do struggle to keep my home in order.

On top of working, looking after my kids, getting them to all their after-school activities and trying to keep food stocked and laundry done time seems very elusive. Maintaining order in my home seems difficult at the best of times.

I have been racking my brains as to how to make life easier and I have decided that minimising the number of chores I have to do is a really good idea.

But ah, where to start.

Here are a few very simple ways I could start,

manage your home more easily

Involve my kids more

One of the jobs I struggle with he most is keeping on top of the laundry. My kids are perfectly capable of sorting laundry and bringing it down to the kitchen. If I timetabled this for them to do on alternate days I would actually put it on because it would be there in front of the machine. I am going to draw them up a timetable!

I am also going to add onto that timetable emptying the dishwasher on alternate days as a not emptied dishwasher causes me a backlog of mess in the kitchen and if the kids just took it in turns to do it each evening I could start each new days with some order.


Minimise the gardening

The garden gives me just so much work and I need to really try and minimise that too. I am thinking I am going to contain flowers to pots and put down fake grass  Gosh that would just save me hours and hours of work, mowing, strimming, weeding, digging and of course, my garden would look amazing all year round with fake grass.


Meal plan every single week

I spend way too much time worrying about what to eat and having to just ‘nip’ to the shops. I also waste too much food. Meal planning a week then shopping for that meal plan is both frugal and time saving and it needs to become my regular habit.


Clean Routine

Routines are really useful to have around cleaning so you can keep on top of things.  Getting up just 15 minutes earlier and getting things done would make such a difference to me being able to keep to a good cleaning routine and start my day with my house in order. So totally worth it for 15 minutes less sleep. It would make me feel so much better about things.


So just 4 simple ideas but they would be easy to implement and they would make a huge difference to my ability to manage my home. Let me know in a comment below how you cope.


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