How to prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet

How to prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet – it seems an impossible task, doesn’t it?



How to prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet

I went to a meeting at my son’s school before lockdown started and we were discussing careers with his head of year. He rolled out dom amazing fact that said something like this…by 2025 60% of all jobs aren’t yet created. It blew my mind. How are our kids meant to know what to study when they jobs they will eventually have don’t actually exist yet.


How to prepare for jobs that don't exist yet


What about blogging?

It is such a strange thought having to prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet, isn’t it? But, to be honest, If I think back to my own educational choices they, in no way, led to blogging! I have been pro-blogging ( professionally blogging) for over 1 year now and I make my living that way.

Whoever would have thought jotting down thoughts, random musings on the internet would be a job. I have 3 degrees for goodness sake in literature p social work and psychotherapy – yet here I am blogging away and happy as can be with my work. I do get the occasional comment about when I am I going back to work, or isn’t it a funny little job I have but I just press delete in my mind and it’s as if I never heard it.


Some jobs never change

But some jobs surely will never change and are absolutely staple to our society. Whilst the postal service may go when we all become completely digital what about parcel couriers? Or how about plumbers or electricians or builders? 

Mind you even something as straightforward as a building site makes good use of technology these days. Human Recognition Systems develop and provide biometric technology. This technology is designed to help with workforce management, particularly on a construction site with building site acess control. Using innovative technology to validate the identity of a workforce keeps the site safe and everyone accountable. Isn’t that clever and it beats a timesheet for accuracy right!


How to prepare for jobs that don't exist yet


What skills do we need now?

In my view, things change so fast the best skills you can have are the ability to adapt, be flexible and keep on learning because you just have to keep up with the myriad of changes that occur.

I wrote a reference for my niece this morning for a job. She has helped me with various projects over the years I ended up writing about her SEO skills, digital photography talents and her understanding of social media. A far cry from my own references in the past which would mention my filing, faxing and typing skills haha! I wonder what the future will hold in regard to the workforce?

It’s so exciting, isn’t it?


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