How To Prepare Your Teen Driver For The Road

How To Prepare Your Teen Driver For The Road


How To Prepare Your Teen Driver For The Road

For any parent, the prospect of imagining your youngster on the road behind the wheel of their own car is both exciting and nerve-wracking. What was once a sweet, innocent little tyke is now afforded one of the steps that take them further away from your grasp and further into the frightening world of maturity and adulthood. You were once that age and, presumably, you had a lot fewer worries then. But now you’re looking at your fledgling, and you may feel as though they have a lot to think about before getting out there and steering through the freedom of the road.

Don’t worry, it’s not that deep, but it wouldn’t hurt to think about different aspects of their new life as a driver. Here are a few things you can help with.


Save Money

We all know that buying, driving and maintaining a car is an expensive part of our lives. Even a relatively cheap car on the market could still be costly. And, of course, thanks to the behaviour, statistics and subsequent stereotype for young drivers, the insurance premium right will be very high right from the get-go. And that’s all before their weekly costs of having it run it! At that age, they’ll have to be badgered to save their money, but keeping them motivated by helping them set savings goals and maybe chipping in yourself could go a long way.


Test Them

They’ll obviously be studying through the theory test and the hazard perception themselves whilst as a learner, but why not keep them on their toes and join in with them every now and again. It would definitely help. It doesn’t have to be a dull experience either – as that’ll be saved for the day of the exam!



Go Out For a Ride  

As they are studying the theory tests, they’ll be presumably going out on practical lessons with their instructor. Sure, the professional driving teacher will be the guru here who will be able to tell them exactly what to do and what not to do, but as a qualified and experienced driver yourself, it would be a nice idea to take them out for a run with you too. The experience for them would be valuable, and it would give them the confidence of driving without the need for brake pedals in the passenger seat!



Before they can head out away from an instructor and get in that extra bit of practice, they’re going to need to be insured. It’s obviously a legal requirement, so the Learner Driver Insurance would be necessary for them to get that added experience. So why not look into the options now?


Make Rules

For their own safety and for your own peace of mind, making rules that they should stick to would be a fabulous idea. While they’re basically grown-ups at this stage, they can still need a good reminder of some of the issues in the world. It might be great to set a curfew – maybe don’t let them drive around a silly hours. Also making sure there’s not too many sat in the car straight away or that their phone stays permanently in their pocket whilst they’re behind the wheel.


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