How to prevent colours running in a mixed wash

Prevention is better than a cure in many cases in life and when it comes to a washing colour run it is crucial!

I have had some terrible washing disasters in my time.To be fair though I don’t know a parent  who hasn’t. We are so busy aren’t we rushing about doing this and that it isn’t always easy to be sure a little white thing hasn’t snuggled in with the colours or vice versa. Oh if only we could wash everything together.

I once had to replace nearly all of my children’s polo shirts from school because I had died them a kind of murky great as one stray black sock had snuck in somehow. What an expensive mistake to make.

Dr. Beckmann have recently launched a brand new Colour & Dirt Collector Microfibre sheet to tackle such situations and I have to say they look rather fabulous.

colour and dirt.

I don’t know about you but I always like to see something in action, some proof before I will let it loose on my wash. Here Jen (a top parenting blogger from Mum in the Madhouse) shows us how these sheets work. As she says it really is just like magic.


In this next video Jen has a go with the colour sheets to see how a mixed load of laundry copes in one wash ( I have to say I think she is very brave I would be so worried about ruining my whites)

Having seen Jen put these sheets through their paces it has reassured me that they work and aren’t going to wreck my wash.

I love the facts the sheets work out at just 9p a wash what a bargain compared to the price of new clothes! If you pop one of these in with every wash as a matter of routing it really doesn’t matter if you pop in a pink sock to your whites by mistake as the colour run sheet will protect your white. Fantastic.

What a great idea and I love the videos proving that they work.




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