How to prevent the summer slide

Have you heard of the Summer Slide?

The Summer Slide is a term coined by psychologist Harris Cooper, who found that US school children  ‘slide’ in all subjects over the school summer holidays, by an average of 1 month, (this extends to a2.6 months in maths.)


Apparently this is a problem widely recognised by teachers and shown clearly in research…

• Students lose on average 2.6 months worth of Maths learning and 1 months worth of spelling skills. (Cooper, 1996)

• Teachers spend 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching forgotten material. (Peters, 2005)

No wonder parents turn to tutoring over the holidays!

Tutorfair is  a website that helps you find the best tutors in your area and has given us some top tips to stop the summer slide

1) Join the library and encourage your child’s love of reading

2) Have them making up stories on car journeys and sending postcards to keep those writing skills going

3) Practice science in your garden by drawing chalk circles around puddles and seeing what happens

4)  Encourage kids to tell the time, do recipe conversions and play games to increase and support their maths skills. Keeping things light and fun is a great way to teach!

5) Consider a tutor – children sometimes learn best from other people!

Why Tutorfair ROCKS!!!

Tutorfair Website

I am a huge believer in education for all, money should not exclude a child from getting the support they need and this is why Tutorfair gets my vote.

 “For every student who pays, Tutorfair gives free tutoring to a child who can’t” (now that is ‘fair.’)

Do have a look at the website it is so simple to use and so useful! And I just love it’s ethos.

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  1. Vicky@AMumInspired
    July 22, 2015 / 09:17

    We have invested in some KS2 maths and English books for the summer to keep on top of things. Even though it is a holiday I still think reading and learning should be encouraged and not forgotten.

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