How to raise a Mindful child

Today – How to raise a mindful child


How to raise a Mindful child


How to Raise a Mindful child

Here are some tips to help if you are wanting to know how to raise a mindful child.

Maintaining mindfulness with your child is important but it’s not easy.  It’s easy to find yourself at wit’s end with your child and the stress and frustration you have can easily pour into your kid as well. The irony is that kids are experts at being immersed in the present. Kids can easily lose themselves in whatever it is they are doing. Mindfulness in kids is important. It helps improve focus while decreasing aggression. Lets look at how to raise a mindful child with these top tips


How to raise a Mindful child with Mindful Monsters

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Build rituals

Rituals as simple as brushing teeth can build discipline in your child’s life and help them achieve mindfulness. The consistent almost rhythmic habit of taking care of your teeth will go a long way towards building a child’s concentration.


how to raise a mindful child



How to Raise a Mindful child By Being honest about mistakes

You don’t have to be a perfect parent. Well, in the eyes of your kid, you are all-knowing and wise. Despite this, making your kids know that you are human and sometimes make mistakes is a good way to teach them to be calm even when they make mistakes.


Talk about your feelings – a key aspect in how to raise a mindful child

Whenever you are at wit’s end with your child, simply talking about your feelings can result in a calming experience that leads to understanding. Make a habit of communicating your feeling to your kids so as to give them the confidence to do the same.


How to raise a Mindful child

Stay focused in the present

As a parent, you need to stay focused in the present moment more than your kids can. You can practice some square breathing whenever you are under stress. By inhaling and counting your breaths slowly, you regain a logical frame of mind and avoid erupting in front of your kids.

Read illustrated children’s books

Even though children’s picture books are not as popular as they used to be among kids, they still offer a great tool to use if you want to achieve mindfulness with your child. Thanks to their rich visual content, children’s picture books give kids a capacity to explore and improve their perception of reality.

Take a walk – a key step in How to raise a Mindful child

There are many ways to encourage your kids to walk. Walking overcomes the feeling of isolation and allows us to interact with neighbors. You can walk to school with your kid, walk to the store or simply walk to the post office.

Write down your thoughts

Thanks to the keyboard, the art of handwriting is losing touch each day. However, you can teach your kid some handwriting techniques as research proves it can improve memory and ideation.

Wash dishes with your mindful Child

Studies reveal that washing dishes can improve mindfulness and reduce nervousness. Practice this with your kids. Mindfully wash dishes noticing everything from the scent of the soap to the warm bubbles rising. You can do the same with other chores as well.

Use music and dance as a way to raise a mindful child

If you want to elevate your mood, a simple tool is a music. It’s a powerful tool for mindfulness. Mix it with dance and you are on your way towards releasing endorphins all over your body.

I hope these help.

Do you have any mindful tips of your own you would like to share that would show people how to raise a mindful child? You might also fancy having a look at the mindful monster cards form Scope?

How to raise a Mindful child

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