How to Renovate a Small Bathroom – 10 Top Tips

 How to Renovate a Small Bathroom on a budget – lets take a look.

Have you ever considered renovating your small bathroom? From its use to your budget and beyond, this room takes a lot more than you realize. Have no fear! Through these ten steps, learn how to make your small bathroom one of the best in the house at a fraction of the cost.


How to Renovate a Small Bathroom


How to Renovate a Small Bathroom

Picture your dream house. You’ve probably imagined how it’s painted, how it’s furnished, and how the rooms flow together. While most of your attention could be focused on the living room or the kitchen, there’s one place you might not have considered that needs special attention.

Your bathroom is more than just a place that needs cleaning. Renovating your bathroom, especially a small one, may appear to be a costly job at first, from floor to shower cleaner. However, there are a lot of ways you can have a 50 square feet bathroom that is both decorative and cost-effective. When you work towards renovating on a budget, you should consider…


Its Intended Use

How you plan on the cost to renovate the master bathroom is going to depend on how much foot traffic it receives or will receive once you’re done. It, in turn, will depend on how it’s used in the household. A small bathroom used as a master bathroom in an apartment will need to be more upscale than a powder room or guest bathroom. The latter categories can be remodeled with economically feasible features, which in turn can lead to quick turnaround time. The cost to renovate a bathroom on a budget will, by contrast, require more attention.


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How to Renovate a Small Bathroom- Budget

Once you have an idea about how it fits into the overall design of your house, you can plan to renovate your small bathroom on a budget. As mentioned earlier, master bathrooms or single bathrooms will require more work (and money) to make them impressive.

It will cause the average cost to renovate the bathroom to vary. For example, installing a shower base alone can cost upwards of $375. You can cut your budget down by buying used items or limiting tiles. However, you don’t want to completely shortchange your flair just to save a few dollars.



How to Renovate a Small Bathroom- Space

50 square feet might seem like a cramped bathroom, but you can make the most of your limited space and cost to renovate a small bathroom. Installing the sink in the corner can free up some standing room and reduce the static look.

Shower doors can be disruptive in such an area, but that can be solved with a shower curtain that’s easier and cheaper to install. On a more aesthetic level, you can give the appearance of more space with your wallpaper designs. Larger patterns are more spatially pleasing to the eye and might be the linchpin you need for any space concerns.


How to Renovate a Small Bathroom


How to Renovate a Small Bathroom – Consider Your Colour Scheme

Like any room of the house, you want your small bathroom to have some personality. There’s nothing worse for a guest than to go into a room and be bombarded with an apathetic color scheme. Given its intended use, rely on lighter patterns and paint to give it more of a dainty aesthetic. You can make up for the lightness by having towels, rugs, and other smaller items stand out in bolder colors. These can be minor changes to renovate bathroom colors without breaking the bank.


Countertops and Storage

Your countertop gets a lot of action from daily use, from washing your hands to brushing your teeth to holding a lot of your items. Part of renovating your small bathroom may mean adding a vanity above the sink to account for countertop space. The countertop itself can be customized with anything from granite to sink pedestals depending on your budget and ability to DIY (more on that later). Extra items like towels can be moved into a storage closet or into another room to keep it from getting cluttered and save you on the cost to renovate your bathroom.


How to Renovate a Small Bathroom – Bathtub

Somewhat related to your space considerations, you might be wondering if a bathtub is even needed in your small bathroom? It will once again rely on your bathroom’s usage, as a guest bathroom can get away with no bathtub compared to the master bathroom. Bear in mind that removing the bathtub will be an added expenditure, so be sure that you want to do so before making the commitment. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a scenario where you’ll need to install it again, which will hurt your head and wallet.


Flooring Plan

Your bathroom floor needs to be functional as well as pleasant to look at in the long run. Beyond being a texture to stand on, your tiles can add further depth to the room. Adding the same tile scheme from the floor to your shower wall can add further symmetry. Alternatively, you can settle on hardwood floors and move the tiles to the shower exclusively. At the end of the day, whatever material you decide on must be able to handle a lot of foot traffic and spills for years to come.


How to Renovate a Small Bathroom with Mirrors

Mirrors are a staple among bathrooms, and a small bathroom is no different. However, renovating a small bathroom does not mean having to give up on a proper mirror. If you’re concerned about space, consider mounting the mirror or rounding it off by your corner sink. Attaching it to your wall can also give the appearance of more space and allow for more than one person to use it.


How to Renovate a Small Bathroom


Water Usage – How to Renovate a Small Bathroom

When renovating your small bathroom on a budget, you need to think beyond just the physical components like your wallpaper or tiles. Water usage can play a big factor in whether or not you have to give up decorative pieces. If you’re worried about your water bill going up, especially if your small bathroom is the master bathroom, install low flow toilets or water-saving showerheads.

This could save you a lot of money in the long run that can be put towards new renovations. To renovate bathroom showers doesn’t mean pouring money down the drain.


renovate a small bathroom How to Renovate a Small Bathroom


Who’s going to Renovate

Once you have your budget, your designs, and your accessories in order, one of the major things to think about is whether or not you need to hire someone or do it yourself. Hiring a contractor can guarantee that you’ll have an experienced hand, but it will be expensive. By contrast, DIY repairs and renovations could save you money in labor costs, though you will need to be thorough in your work to compensate for any hazards. As long as you know how to renovate a bathroom, you’ll be ahead of the game.

How would you renovate a  small bathroom like a pro? Leave a comment below to let us know your renovate small bathroom ideas!



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