How to save money at Center Parcs

Today – How to save money at Center Parcs

How to save money at Center Parcs


How to save money at Center Parcs – top tips

We have just returned from a lovely family holiday to Sherwood Forest  and I wanted to share with you 5 saving money at Center Parcs

  1. Take your essentials…oil, ketchup, salt, tea, pepper,  take them with you you don’t want to have to buy all your cooking stuff form scratch and its very easy to pack a basics box ( for foodie money saving ideas do check out Reduced Grub!)
  2. If you have your own bikes do take them with you – it is much cheaper to but a bike rack than hire several bikes and you will be able to use it for fun family bike rides again and again
  3. The restaurants at CP are fabulous but eating out soon adds up. Be prepared to self cater and even consider taking some pizza /pre-made salads with you. Their lodges have great kitchens and a small freezer and decent size fridge awaits
  4. So many fabulous activities are available at Center Parcs but there is also a lot that is free and fabulous things to do.There are so many ways how to save money at Center Parcs I could sit for hours reading a book amidst the trees, walking the forest, watching the bunnies and squirrels. The beach is lovely, clean and spacious. The parks are plentiful and exciting with equipment suitable for teens as well as little ones, the nature centre is great and they are many bird hides, picnic spots, waterfalls and bike paths. You really don’t need to book up endless activities. It is always a wonderful place to take photos.
  5.  Last but not least take the time to chill in your lodge, they are delightful homes with a TV and wood burner, surrounded by nature and wildlife. You don’t have to be busy, busy, chilling with a book and a DVD is exactly the point of a vacation

I hope these tips on how to save money at Center Parcs are useful. Have you ever been? Do you have tips on ways to save money at Center Parcs to share?


how to save money at center parcs


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How to save money at Center Parcs, - whether you're going to Winfell, Longleat, Woburn, Sherwood or Elveden you'll want some tips on saving cash, particularly when you have children. Check out these ideas perfect if you're staying in a lodge or even visiting at Christmas. #familybudgeting #centerparcs #budgettravel #travel #ukholiday

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How to save money at Center Parcs – over to you

I do hope you enjoyed reading this post on saving money at Center Parcs you might also like my post on how to save money when travelling

If you have any tips on how to save money do please drop us a comment below?




  1. August 16, 2019 / 08:56

    Sounds like you had a lovely week. I always take a box like that when we are self catering, and usually our own home grown veg too as it’s always coming in the summer and I don’t like wasting it!

  2. Kim
    August 23, 2019 / 11:16

    This isn’t really a tip but I just had to add this as I was amazed that no action was taken by Centre Parcs in Belgium, where we once stayed – it was a lovely place, apart from the high level of chlorine in the swimming pool which brought one of my sons out in a bad rash that we had to go to the doctors in the nearby town to get help for him as it was so bad 🙁 They said they tested the water and it was in the normal range but they knew what was wrong with my son?! This was nearly 20 years ago but we wouldn’t go back because of that.

    Anyway – there was a family from Germany who arrived to stay in the chalet next to us. They had 5 kids including a baby and we thought it was going to be very noisy but they were fantastic, only heard the baby crying once, so a dream to live next door to 🙂

    The man was very friendly and they had been to this parc many times, so he was telling us how to save money – he said he loved to have wood fires and used wood from the parc – he said I’ve brought an axe with me!! Well, when we were out one day, we returned to find he’d chopped down one of the trees outside our chalet – we were horrified and also very worried that we’d get blamed but nothing was said or done about this?!!!!! I was gobsmacked. He got away with it and afterwards when we told him we were not happy that he’d chopped a tree from outside our place, he said it would be fine, that he always did this. Thank goodness not every visitor does as there would be no trees left!

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