How to save money on Christmas wrapping paper

How to save money on Christmas wrapping paper

With Christmas fast approaching, you may be wondering how to save money on Christmas wrapping paper.  You may not realize it, but there are several ways to save on holiday gift wrap that aren’t hard to do. Choose one of these ideas alone or combine them and you’ll be sure to save more money on gift wrap than you spend.


how to save money on christmas wrapping paper


How to save money on Christmas wrapping paper

You will find lots so  alternatives to wrapping paper in the great Huff Post article  for even more ideas have a read of my post 


Wrap late

This will sound counter intuitive, but a lot of stores begin to put their Christmas wrap on clearance before Christmas happens. If you wait until December 23 or Christmas Eve to buy it, you may get lucky. Keep in mind though that doing this may also mean you have a harder time of finding gift wrap you like.



Make DIY Gift Wrap

DIY gift wrap isn’t hard to make at all and will save you big over buying small rolls of pre-decorated gift wrap. You only need a roll of brown Kraft paper, Christmas stamps and ink pads in red and green colors. Use the stamps to decorate your paper and you’ve got amazing homemade gift wrap!


Use Cloth

Most people wouldn’t automatically think of this one, but cloth can make a great gift wrap. Aside from the fact that it is reusable, it’s usually also cheap per yard. Use twine to tie or keep your cloth gift wrap together and you’ve got beautiful rustic looking gifts.  Just be sure that the prints your fabric has are Christmas type prints. Once gifts are opened, lay your cloth gift wrap flat and stack the pieces together. Roll the pieces up, secure and store until next year!



Use a Santa Bag

Everyone loves seeing Santa’s bag, but no one loves it more than kids. Imagine the looks on their face Christmas morning when they see a bag of gifts from Santa under the tree. When you use a Santa bag, you can skip the gift wrap period and simply attach tags to each gift to help keep straight which gift belongs to which recipient.


Skip the gift wrap

 Want to really blow your family’s minds? Skip the gift wrap all together! Simply place each gift under the tree with tags attached to show whose is whose! They’ll love walking out to see each gift in all its glory! This one works extremely well for larger gifts such as doll houses, toy sets and any other larger gift that needs to be assembled.


Use reusable gift bags

Reusable gift bags are one of the most frugal holiday gift wrap ideas since they don’t cost much and can be reused year to year. You don’t need tissue paper if you can’t afford it and if you use bags that are large enough, you can fit more than one gift in each.



Buy it early

Have you ever hit the after Christmas sales? If not, you should! All Christmas décor, gift wrap, gift sets and other “hot” items are drastically marked down the day after Christmas. Use these sales to your advantage and stock up for the following year. Thinking ahead will save you money down the road. You can even use these sales to start building a gift closet for the year ahead!


There you go that is how to save money on Christmas wrapping paper !


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