How to save money on fuel – 5 top tips

Today – How to save money on fuel


Petrol is such a money sucker isn’t it?

How to save money on fuel

My husband works about 40 minutes away from our house and sits for ages in traffic every day. A fair chunk of his weekly wage goes on petrol and it’s not a cost we ever really factor in. We should think about it more and budget for it and we really should do everything in our power  to reduce it.

But how do we get our petrol costs down? He has to make that journey, just as I have to run the kids to school. Is there anything we can do?

Well yes actually there are quite a few things we can do to keep our fuel costs down.

How to save money on fuel

Here are 5 ways to reduce fuel costs you may not have considered but that really could make a significant difference.

How to save money on fuel


Pump it up

Keeping your tyres inflated is so worthwhile.  Having a lower tyre pressure can increase drag on your car so it is  so worth checking the pressures are correct; this can increase your fuel efficiency by a whopping three per cent.

Remove your roof rack

According to the RAC, a roof rack can affect fuel consumption by 10 per cent. If you don’t need it, take it off, along with anything else inefficient. That’s a huge amount for such a simple change isn’t it? Wow!

Don’t fill your fuel tank up


I know it so tempting to fill your car up when  prices are low butit is important to remember that fuel is heavy. By filling your tank right up you’re adding significant and unnecessary weight to your car. By filling up slightly more often and putting less in (to 1/2 or 3/4 full), your car runs more efficiently.

Have you tried Redex ?

Redex is amazing and has been around for years! It was even added to the fuel of World War 2 planes to keep them flying for longer. The planes were actually marked with the iconic Red X to give the pilots confidence!

Regularly using a shot of Redex in each tank of fuel  saves fuel, reduces emissions and improves engine life. Pretty impressive!

You can use it in both in petrol or diesel cars and you can find out loads more about Redex here

Have a declutter

How many of you drive around with sports equipment, bags for the charity shopping and all manner of clutter in your car? I certainly do, and its just a matter of decluttering!  By not carrying around any unnecessary weight, you can save around two per cent of your fuel.


If you have any other fabulous fuel saving tips do let me know in the comments below!

I do hope you have found this post on How to save money on fuel useful.

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  1. jasonvick
    April 27, 2017 / 09:47

    amazing tips..! this is one of the effective post about how to save money on fuel. many people did not have any idea for saving on fuel their car. DON’T FILL YOUR FUEL TANK UP is great way for saving. so this article was very effective and helpful to us. thanks for sharing the 5 amazing way to save money on fuel easily.

    jasonvick resently posted…….what is the best way to save money

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