How to Save Money When Using Courier Services in the UK

In a world where we are sending and receiving more packages than ever it makes sense to do your homework when it comes down to choosing a courier service. There’s a lot of competition out there and so getting value for money is not always straightforward. There are, however, steps you can take to help you save money and still get a great service.

Save Money When Using Courier Services

Choosing a Courier

The main factor in saving money when using courier services is choosing the right courier. Many people are inclined to choose a courier based on price alone and while this is an important factor, it’s not the only thing to consider. Choosing a courier with a good reputation is also important, this way you have more peace of mind in terms of the way your package will be looked after and issues surrounding reliability. There have been a number of horror stories reported in the press over the last year or two, detailing how packages and parcels have been mistreated whilst in transit. This of course can lead to items being damaged, which in itself can cost time and money.

Don’t Over-Package

It is important that you get your packaging right. Factors including the size of a package and the weight dictate how much the postal cost will be. With this in mind be sure not to use too much packaging, boxes that are too big, excessive use of tape and protective wrapping such as bubble wrap can all add to the postage price and so try to be conservative.  Another great tip to save you money is not to buy cardboard boxes or protective wrapping at all if you can avoid it. Most supermarkets and local shops such as greengrocers will happily let you have cardboard boxes that otherwise just be thrown away. Newspapers are good for protective packaging and so once read, put a few to one side and use them to package fragile items.
Fools Rush In

Generally speaking there’s no need for you to use a postal service that guarantees next day delivery. Most items don’t need to arrive so quickly and sites like eBay give users options allowing them to choose next day delivery or time scales up to 5 working days. Think carefully about how soon the item needs to reach its destination before paying premium prices.

Collection and Delivery

If items are to be picked up or delivered to your home, make sure you are around when the courier calls. Missing the collection or delivery of items can incur a charge and at best cost you more time to rearrange.


Do you have any good tips on how to save money when using courier services in the UK?


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