How to save money with DIY

I have to be totally honest and tell you that despite being a proud budgeter I am really not a very practical person.

It took me 5 tests, 15 years, and over 1000 driving lessons to pass my test. I passed in an automatic  so only have an automatic license. Practicality is not something natural to me. I avoid having to do pretty much anything practical unless life necessitates it. Give me pen and paper (or a keyboard) and I feel happy and confident. Give me a tool box and I have been known to quiver.

I have never minded not being practical – horses for courses and all that and I have always paid people to do tasks in my home that I just felt I woudl not be very good at. Jobs like painting, putting up shelves and even putting together flatpacks are jobs I have happily outsourced whilst I have declared it just is not my cup of tea.

Until recently.

How to save money with DIY

When and why to DIY

We are in the process of wanting to move house and the estate agent suggested it we fix up our house a bit before putting it up for sale. There are lots of jobs to be done actually from replacing a floor to fixing loose tiles, to mending the roof to repainting a few hairs

This was going to be expensive.

I decided after getting quotes that I was going to try and attempt to do some of these jobs myself. I had to face my DIY fears for the sake of our budget!

Needs must and all that!

I wasn’t about to tackle the tough stuff and start laying floors! But the simpler jobs, rehanging a door, painting the skirting, re-cementing some tiles in…well I could give them a go surely!


What I needed to DIY

The first thing I did was invest in a few DIY tools …I was advised to get screwdrivers, an electric drill, multi purpose paint buckets and a selection of brushes and a tool box with spanners, spirit levels etc too.

I really wanted a boiler suit too but didn’t go quite that far- maybe one day!


Where to go for guidance

I asked friends for advice when it came to simple jobs I had not tackled before and I found that people were really willing to advise, guide and even help. Youtube also proved an amazing resource for looking up speedy and simple tutorials.


The results

Well I have to tell you it has not all been plain sailing and my shelf hanging was a bit hit and miss the first few times. Painting went really well as did resetting tiles. I have definitely saved money and I feel braver and more competent in regard to DIY now. I am no expert but the learning process is fun and I have learned that it is okay to just give it ago (as long as it is simple and safe.)


Do you DIY? What is in your DIY essentials toolkit?




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  1. December 3, 2017 / 17:14

    I DIY pretty much everything I possibly can. The only thing I really avoid when it comes to DIY is electrical stuff, because a mistake there can potentially kill me. But everything else is fair game!

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